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Free Agent Frenzy: My Predictions

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 30, 2007

With the free agent signing period starting in six and a half hours, I am going to try to predict where many of these guys will be playing next season. As impressive as that might be, there’s no way in hell I’m even going to begin predicting the money they make. Well, here goes nothing.

Brevin Knight: A surprising waive by the Bobcats, Knight should be a well sought after free agent to help stabilize someone’s backcourt. As I expressed before, I would love to have Brevin Knight on the Celtics, but I just don’t see it happening unless they tell him they will acquire someone like Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol or Marcus Camby. Miami would be a good spot for him, but they may not have the money to sign him. The Spurs could pick him up to play instead of Jacque Vaughn, but that’s probably highly unlikely. My official prediction of where he goes: Cleveland Cavaliers. Knight and Gibson would man the point position with Hughes, Lebron, Gooden and Big Z rounding out the starters.

Steve Blake: Blake will be a much more hot commodity than Knight as he is much younger and more durable. This is a player that a team looking to grow and has money to spend will look to snag. With Maurice Williams gone, the Bucks could be in the running as they didn’t replace him in the draft. Blake has already been traded once from the Bucks, so maybe he won’t go back there. Denver would certainly like to have him back and I’m sure Blake would love to dish the rock to Iverson and Melo for the next few years of his career. The Clippers could definitely use a point guard as Livingston’s career is still in question and Sam Cassell can no longer be trusted to play for 60 games, let alone 82. Ultimately, I think Blake ends up staying in Denver.

Chauncey Billups: One of the biggest names looking for a new home, he’s had his run with Detroit and I wouldn’t put it past him to pack his bags. Billups is looking to get paid and Orlando has got the money to make it happen. They’re top choices are Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis, but I think that Billups might have to be their man. I can see Chauncey leaving Detroit and starting in sunny Orlando.

Matt Barnes: Barnes made a name for himself in the playoffs this past season. A journeyman for the first four years of his career, it’s a good possibility that he could up and move yet again. Although the Warriors traded Jason Richardson, Barnes is a greedy player so he may just go to the highest bidder. I think teams like Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio could use his services, but Dallas may be the only one of those teams with money to spend. Ultimately, I think Barnes is back in the bay and continues launching threes for the Warriors.

Vince Carter: As he just opted out of his contract, the word for a couple months has been he would be going to Orlando. Reports are surfacing that he is nearing a four year, $60 million deal with the New Jersey, so the Nets should be in great shape next year.

Mikki Moore: Without much starting experience, the Nenad Krstic injury was a blessing in disguise as it allowed Moore to show the league that he can be an effective big man in this league. Although he won’t be garnering any big deals like most bigs receive, he should get a hefty salary increase and end up with the Nets for a couple more years.

Grant Hill: Now that his monstrous contract is over, Hill is going to be a top free agent for any team looking to add a great role player to a championship caliber team. Teams like Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Detroit and Miami would all love his services. Going back to Detroit would be quite a scene, but I think he wants to win a title and will ultimately go to San Antonio to give that bench even more depth.

Jamaal Magloire: I know what you’re saying to yourself: “The Big Cat is not a top name to discuss.” I think he’s a great pickup for any team at a good price. He gives you a solid big man in the middle who can play some D, grab boards and block a shot or two a game. I would love to see the Celtics pursue him if they don’t make another big splash. Doesn’t look like his services will be needed in Portland though, so he’ll be on the road again. The Lakers could use a veteran center, too, but to predict where Magloire will land is basically impossible. If I had to guess, I’ll go out on a limb and say that Washington picks him up, but your guess is as good as mine.

Rashard Lewis: After opting out of his former contract, Lewis is going to get some big bucks this off-season. It originally didn’t look like he would be going back to Seattle, but with Ray Allen in Boston, perhaps Sam Presti experiments with a Durant/Rashard/Jeff Green trio. That could be a matchup nightmare. Orlando and New York were two teams looking for his services, but I see him ultimately staying in Seattle.

Well, there it is, my quick predictions on where these guys will go. When we wake up in the morning, or even a leaked deal to SportsCenter tonight, we will know exactly where these guys are playing next season.


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What to Watch For

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 30, 2007

Do you need NBA action in your life? Heck, I know I do. I know this has been probably the most interesting NBA off-season that I have ever witnessed and it’s only going to heat up with the moving of some marquee free agents. But for me, I need to watch some of these guys play.

Friday night is a great chance to catch a glimpse of some of the biggest names of the NBA Draft. The Celtics will be squaring off against the new bandwagon team: the Portland Trailblazers. Thanks David Stern! Not only do you keep us from getting Oden or Durant, but you throw it in our face by making us be Oden’s first opponent in Las Vegas.

Let’s take a look at the players that should make up the core of each team’s summer league squad:

Portland TrailBlazers:

  • Brandon Roy
  • Greg Oden
  • Lamarcus Aldridge
  • Josh McRoberts
  • Rudy Fernandez
  • Channing Frye
  • Martell Webster
  • Jarrett Jack
  • Taurean Green
  • Sergio Rodriguez

WOW! Is that a summer league squad or what? That’s an NBA team to fear in three years of playing together. I can’t wait to see them play against the Celtics Friday night. Let’s see who the Celtics will most likely counter with.

Boston Celtics:

  • Rajon Rondo
  • Gabe Pruitt
  • Allan Ray
  • Gerald Green
  • Ryan Gomes
  • Leon Powe
  • Glen Davis
  • Sebastian Telfair?

Yup, we’re going to get destroyed. But that’s OK, I just want to see our young guns get out there and show that they can play. I’m hoping that Gabe Pruitt has a nice showing and makes a spark for this team this year. The question is, will Oden be dunked on or will he be doing the posterizing. I’m sure Gerald Green will be looking to show why he’s the NBA Dunk Contest winner…

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Bobcats waive veteran Knight after three years in Charlotte

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 29, 2007

Interesting move by the Charlotte Bobcats as they wave one of the best pure point guards in all of the league. He is 31 years old and was injured quite a bit last year, but it does make sense in a money saving stand point.

Knight had a buyout clause in his contract worth $1.5 million. He was scheduled to make just over $4 million next season.

That saves the club $2.5 million by waiving Knight, but wouldn’t it have been smarter to just include him in the Brandan Wright for Jermareo Davidson and Jason Richardson deal?

If the Celtics are in fact looking to win now, Brevin Knight would be a great pickup as he would fill a huge gap at point guard for us. I’m pretty sure we have used half of our $6 million Mid-Level Exception on Scalabrine’s contract (I just threw up a little bit in my mouth), so I don’t see why we wouldn’t offer Knight the other half for two years at $3 milion a year. The real question  is would he want to come here?

I think if we trade for Kevin Garnett, Brevin Knight would be yet another big piece to a championship puzzle. A lineup of Knight, Allen, Pierce, Garnett and Perkins would be very scary, especially in the East. Time to sit back and see what Ainge cooks up in the very near future.

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What do we do now?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 29, 2007

With the roster that we have right now, I would say that we are a lock for the playoffs, but I don’t see us much higher than the 6th seed. I’m not happy with just making the playoffs year in and year out and losing in the first round. So with that said, there has to be someone acquired before the season. I think going for Kevin Garnett is too much as I’m not looking forward to giving up Al Jefferson at all. I have a few options that could work, but at what price?

First up is Andrei Kirilenko. He’s a defensive presence that would be huge for the Celtics, but that would still leave Al Jefferson at center on defense, so I’m not too big on that. He also has a hefty contract for the next four seasons, so you would have to give Theo’s deal up to acquire him. Where would the money for Al’s extension come from?

The second option would to bring in the Defensive Player of the Year: Marcus Camby. A UMass alumni (shameless plug), he fits the billing for the Celtics as a true center and he brings an obvious boost to the team’s defense. Although he does have some injury problems, this would be my first choice assuming that Pau Gasol is not available (I hate you Chris Wallace!). Camby wouldn’t demand the ball on offense, and that’s obviously a plus with Allen and Pierce going to dominate the ball on the outside and Jefferson providing the inside scoring.

Last but not least, a player that requires no trade; Jamaal Magloire. A former all-star, Magloire gives us some good defense, rebounds and a big body to allow Al Jefferson to go back to playing power forward. Obviously nowhere near Camby’s talent level, but to use our Mid-Level Exception on him would be fine with me. Let him and Perk man the middle and Jefferson, Gomes and Big Baby (hate the pick) at power forward, that would be a good rotation to roll with. Hold on to Theo’s contract to extend Al next season and I guess we build with that.

With that said, my list looks like this:

  1. Pau Gasol (not happening)
  2. Marcus Camby
  3. Jamaal Magloire
  4. Kevin Garnett
  5. Andrei Kirilenko

Whether any of this happens is clearly beyond my reach, but who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll be calling the shots for the Big Green Machine…

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Pruitt and Big Baby for the C’s

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 28, 2007

So with the #32 pick, we pin our hopes on Gabe Pruitt, the 6-4 guard from USC, to become a backup PG. He’s more of a shooter, but hopefully he can learn to run our offense (does Doc have an offense?) with some efficiency and give us a third scoring option with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

With #35, the Celtics’ brass decided Glen “Big Baby” Davis was the way to go. He’s a 6-9 PF (undersized) and has a weight problem. As Jay Bilas says, Big Baby is like Oprah when it comes to taking off weight, but is he committed to keeping it off? Probably not the direction I would have went with those picks, but looks like what I think doesn’t matter (Go figure! Maybe Danny Ainge should be taking the Basketball GM & Scouting course I’m enrolled in).

Here’s hoping that there’s a deal in the wings, but I would hate to see Al go…

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Who at #32 and #35?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 28, 2007

We now have a gaping hole at backup PG. I’ve said for a while that I would like Taurean Green, but not if we had Rondo and West. That isn’t the case, so taking Green at #35 would be great for me. Also, the Celtics brought in the 6-9 PG Sun Yue from China for not one, but two workouts. Maybe he’s a selection, but not the one I would like.

For the #32 pick, but wish list goes:

  1. Kyrylo Fasenko
  2. Marc Gasol
  3. Glen Davis

Let’s just wait and see what happens.

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Fire Danny Ainge!

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 28, 2007

That’s the final straw with me. If Ainge does not make a big move by the end of the night, he should be fired. Here’s the deal that just went down:

Seattle gets:

  • Jeff Green
  • Delonte West
  • Wally Szczerbiak
  • #35

Boston gets:

  • Ray Allen

Quick Edit: Just found out we will be receiving the #35 pick in this draft as well. Nice addition, still not a deal I would have made.

Why would you bring in a player that is already 32, on his decline, injured all last season, plays the same position as your franchise player and doesn’t allow Gerald Green to see any floor time? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Is this really what the franchise needed?

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Jesus Shuttlesworth?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 28, 2007

There were reports going around the the Sonics were shopping and trying to gauge Ray Allen’s value. Frank Hughes reports:

Meanwhile, two league sources said the Sonics are calling around the league to gauge interest in guard Ray Allen.

KJR-AM radio reported that the Sonics offered Allen to the Boston Celtics for the fifth pick and Theo Ratliff.

As interesting as it would be to add a player like Ray Allen for just Theo and #5, I don’t think we should pull the trigger. Allen and Pierce don’t seem to be a duo to mesh and Allen is oft injured and only getting older. If this were a deal three years ago, I pull the trigger. Today, I won’t give it a second thought. Perhaps Ainge goes out and gets Amare if the Suns are willing to part with him for KG…

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Chad Ford Blew Me Off, AGAIN!

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 27, 2007

Most of you probably have no idea what I mean by this. I’m currently enrolled in a Basketball GM & Scouting course. It’s an online course supplied by Sports Management Worldwide and one of the teachers for the course is the one and only Chad Ford. He was supposed to be the teacher for the Wednesday chats, eight in total. Tonight is the seventh Wednesday chat of the course and this is Ford’s sixth “DNP”. He showed up last week for 20 minutes, but he was having technical difficulties and ended the chat early.

This is just a rant as I am frustrated that Chad Ford has not shown up again. But thinking with a clear head (sort of), should we really have expected him to show up to a chat the night before the NBA Draft when he didn’t show up to almost all of the others? I guess not.

This is a stressful time to be a sports fan in Boston with the Celtics’ future in the hands of Danny Ainge. With the draft looming, trade rumors flying and my heart pounding, the last thing I need is Chad Ford standing me up for my online course that I paid $1,100 for! Hopefully all this frustration will be gone tomorrow at about 7:45 PM when the Celtics select Yi Jianlian!

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What the Hell is Going On?!?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 27, 2007

We are within 36 hours of the NBA Draft and the rumors are still circling around the Celtics. It doesn’t look like they are discussing deals that would bring Kevin Garnett to Boston, but now it seems that Shawn Marion is the newest trade talk for the Celtics. Isn’t this the same Shawn Marion that already said that he wouldn’t play for Boston just one week ago? My how times have changed…

At first, it was looking like a 3-way deal involving the Celtics as well as the Suns and the Timberwolves. Suns would get the prize player in all these discussions in Kevin Garnett while the Celtics would receive Shawn Marion. The Timberwolves would go immediately into rebuilding mode by adding the fifth, 24th and 28th picks in this year’s NBA Draft as well as Atlanta’s first rounder next year (currently owned by Phoenix). They would also be given Theo Ratliff and Kurt Thomas in the deal. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

But now, I’m hearing that WEEI has reported that it is almost a done deal that the Celtics would send Theo Ratliff, Delonte West and the #5 pick to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion, effectively leaving Minnesota out of the deal. That doesn’t seem like a bad deal for the Celtics, but now, where will KG go? Perhaps a deal with Atlanta is in the works as they are “dangling their two lottery picks – Nos. 3 and 11 – and other considerations for Garnett.”

Is this perhaps the craziest NBA off-season we have ever seen? With players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Shawn Marion, Rashard Lewis and Chauncey Billups all changing teams, added to the fact that the draft is headlined by Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, I can’t remember being this excited about the league without having any games to watch. I guess only time will tell what Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics will do. I’m sure Paul Pierce is in the same seat as me when it comes to wondering “What the hell is going on?!?”

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