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Draftees Narrowed to Three?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 24, 2007

There are many potential candidates for the Celtics at the fifth pick in this Thursday’s NBA Draft. The list contains Horford, Wright, Jianlian, Noah, Green, Brewer and Conley Jr., at least that’s what I thought.

According to Andy Katz, that is not the case.

As for any other trades, there is only talk now among a number of teams. But the Celtics don’t have any tangible offers for No. 5. If the pick is still theirs on draft night, expect it to be Noah, Brewer or Yi (assuming Horford is gone).

Pretty interesting that the list didn’t include Jeff Green, who Danny Ainge seems enamored with. You knew that Yi would be on the short list because Ainge has been drooling all over him. Deep down, unless Ainge gets reassurance about his job security, I think he goes for more of an instant-impact player like a Noah or Jeff Green to save his job. Only time will tell if Ainge digs us any deeper into this grave…


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