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Anchor the Celtics’ Arc with Noah?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

Size, athleticism, defense, passion. These are four qualities that would be great for any draft prospect. How about leading the Florida Gators to back-to-back National Titles? Joakim Noah did all of these things and before deciding to return to Florida for his junior season, he was the consensus #1 pick in last season’s draft. Now one year later, his stock has dropped off, having him land anywhere between #3 to the Hawks to #10 to the Kings, with every team in between perceivably a reasonable spot for Noah to land. The question is do the Celtics make Noah their selection at #5?

I’ve never been a big fan of Noah. His offensive game is atrocious. All of his points in the NBA would come off of the fast break or garbage put backs. He has a terrible jump shot and a miserable low post game, so why even consider him? To find a big man that is a legit 6-11 that can get up and down the floor is a huge asset, especially to a Celtics team that wants to play at a fast pace. With that said, is he worth the #5?

The Celtics played Al Jefferson at the center position last year, but would love to get him back to his natural power forward position. Adding Noah doesn’t allow Jefferson to play power forward on defense as Noah is too small to ever guard an NBA center, even in the Eastern Conference. So that doesn’t exactly help the cause of moving Jefferson back to power forward. If this were the case, why not go with Yi who gives you a much better offensive game allowing Jefferson to work in the post and giving him more space to operate? Yi should be able to guard most power forwards and can use his height to block some shots down low.

But it seems that many teams are interested in Noah. I said before that the Suns were interested in trading up to get Noah and now I’m reading that the Mavericks want to move into the top-10 for a chance at Noah. The rumor mill at mentions a possible deal with the Celtics:

Joakim Noah’s draft stock appears to be rising, especially with the Dallas Mavericks. reports that the Mavericks are looking to move into the top ten of this year’s NBA draft, but it may be at the expense of starting point guard Jason Terry. Boston and Minnesota are in need of point-guard help, which Terry can provide.

I am not in favor of moving the 5th pick in the draft to get Jason Terry in return. I like Terry, but I would want more of a pure point guard to run the Celtics. If we were to even consider this deal, why not look at drafting Conley at #5?

Please, Danny, if you are reading: don’t do anything before the draft. Just sit tight and draft Horford, Yi, Wright or Conley at #5 and deal for Rashard Lewis.


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C’s Kill 4-way Deal

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

This is it! I’ve had it with these trade rumors! I know I said I wasn’t going to get excited about all this, but I lied. I was pumped at the thought of bringing in Jermaine O’Neal, but I think I got the deal wrong to begin with. I got the bare minimums of the deal, thinking we would only give up the #5 pick in exchange for O’Neal, but in reality, we would have had to throw Gerald, Theo and Ba$$y into the deal too. Not sure if I would have gone for that anyways. But according to the LA Times, the C’s were the buzzkill of the rumored four team trade.

The talks turned into discussions about a four-way deal among the Lakers, Minnesota, Indiana and Boston, in which the Lakers would have gotten Garnett. However, the deal broke down, reportedly because the Celtics didn’t like what they would have gotten, ending the four-way negotiations.

Maybe Danny Ainge isn’t as bad as we all think. For him to realize we aren’t getting equal value in a deal is a big step forward in his decision making when it comes to wheeling and dealing. As of now, the only two options I think we should even discuss is bringing in Pau Gasol or Rashard Lewis. If neither of them, perhaps dealing Pierce is the way to go.

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Hot Off the Press! Possible 4-way Deal, O’Neal to C’s

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

I heard of a possible 4-way deal involving KG to the Lakers with the Pacers being the third team and an unknown 4th team at the time. Well who else would it be other than the Boston Celtics? So I tried to look it up on and the LA Times website, but not much info was given. I figured more news would come of it later if this was legit.

So I just finished a great dinner from Mama Rizzo (she never disappoints) and caught the tail end of SportsCenter. Write before Mike “Greeny” Greenberg signs us off to the Cardinals/Mets game (where the hell was Mike & Mike this morning?!?!), they flashed a graphic of this four team trade, given to us from Chad Ford:

Los Angeles Lakers get: Kevin Garnett

Indiana Pacers get: Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom

Boston Celtics get: Jermaine O’Neal

Minnesota Timberwolves get: #5 and #19 in Thursday night’s draft

So in this deal, the Celtics would be giving up their #5 pick and in return would be receiving Jermaine O’Neal. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? I mean at #5, you know you’re getting a good PROSPECT, but there’s no guarantee this kid’s skills come to fruition in the league, and if they do, with the Celtics. O’Neal, although often injured, is a great power forward in the East, and to pair him up with Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson would be very intriguing. When you take into consideration that we still have Theo’s contract to make a possible deal with, the Celtics could be a very good team in the East next season.

Am I getting very excited? Of course I am. But what I’m going to do now is tell myself to calm down, sit back and wait for an official deal to be done as we have had far too many rumored deals for my heart to handle over the past two weeks.

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The Bad Boy from BC

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

It seems that the NFL and NBA are cracking down on player conduct. If you watched the NFL Draft, I think the most recited phrase was “red flag” by all of the analysts as all the teams were worrying about picking the next Adam “Pacman” Jones or Tank Johnson (released by the Bears just hours ago). The NBA has Ron Artest who seems to be quiet now, but we all know he is just a ticking time bomb that could explode at any minute. Boston College had to rid themselves of a very talented big man last season due to his stupidity.

Sean Williams, a 6-10 center from BC, was one of the best defensive players in the country. He set the BC blocked shots record as a freshman, then topped himself his sophomore year in less games. As a junior, he continued his growth as a basketball player, adding a nice little turnaround jumper in the post as well as range up to 15 feet on his shot. He also led the nation in blocks per game through 15 games with five a night. His average was third best in the nation by the end of the season behind Michell Gladness from Alabama A&M with 6.3 and Stephane Lasme of UMass (my boy!!!) with 5.1 per game. This is where all the good news ends.

Williams was kicked off of the Boston College squad for once again having a run in with the law for drug abuse, effectively ending his collegiate career. With a demeanor like his, you would have thought he would have called it quits for school and just went back to Houston to prepare for the draft. He did BC basketball a favor and stayed in school and finished his junior year before heading home to prepare for the draft.

In the last month of the season, I saw that had Williams going in the mid-2nd round, and that’s when I started drooling all over him for the Celtics at #32. This is when I believed we had a shot at getting a top-2 pick. So I started thinking if we got Durant, we could still add a defensive stud in Williams in the 2nd round. If we had gotten Oden, I was thinking Taurean Green. But neither of those happened. Heck, not only did we not get Oden or Durant, but we definitely can’t get Williams with our draft picks.

Williams could very well be the 2nd best defensive player in this draft behind only Oden, but his baggage is what is keeping him from climbing the draft boards any higher. He is slated to go in the early-20s, but if he had played out his junior year without the final incident, he would have easily been a lottery pick. Although I don’t value his opinion much at all, Skip Balyess said that Sean Williams would have the third best career of any player coming out in this draft. I almost have to agree with him on that point.

Where will Williams go? The latest I could see him go is San Antonio at #28. Not only do I not think he will fall that far, but I don’t even know if the Spurs would take a chance on him as they don’t need any distractions in their locker room. Detroit at #27 would love to see him on the board then, but that’s also not going to happen. Charlotte would take him at #22 and would be a nice fit as he could be Okafor’s defensive counterpart, giving them two good, young, athletic bigs. Washington and New Jersey at #16 and #17, respectively, are probably the top spots that Williams will land. Two teams in dire need of a good defensive big, I don’t see how either of them could pass him by.

Has he straightened out? Peter May of the Boston Globe had a great article about Sean Williams. When asked about Williams, his trainer, John Lucas, worries about him getting in trouble, but not for drug related issues.

He worries me from the standpoint that he’s going to get a speeding ticket or a ticket for running a red light. That’s it.

I would love to see this kid come out and have a great NBA career. I loved watching him play for the Eagles and would love him even more if he would dawn the green of the Boston Celtics, but that looks highly unlikely. I do know this: wherever he goes, I’ll be cheering for him to excel and I’ll be keeping up on his progress. Heck, maybe I’ll make sure I get to the Celtics game when he comes to town.

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With the 5th Pick, the Phoenix Suns Select…???

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

Could this be true? I sure hope not. But according to, this could already be a done deal…

Brewer Joins Noah in Phoenix Workout

The East Valley Tribune reported that Joakim Noah will be working out two days before the draft (Tuesday) with the Phoenix Suns, a sure-fire sign that a trade involving either the #5 or #7 pick is imminent. DraftExpress learned that Phoenix will also host Corey Brewer on Tuesday, although the identity of the other prospects participating in the two workouts is still unknown.

To pull off a workout of this nature on draft day—one that will almost certainly be competitive considering the timing and what’s at stake—the Suns had to be able to give the players’ agents a very strong indication that they are very serious about moving up to draft them. What makes things easier is the fact that virtually every player in this draft, as well their agent, believes that Phoenix would be the absolute best fit for their style of play. It’s amazing what having Steve Nash on your team and playing the most attractive style of basketball in the NBA will do for you.

Noah and Brewer will be flying in from the a team that will certainly be drafting ahead of Phoenix–Memphis– where they will be working out together in front of the Grizzlies on Monday, both for the second time. Noah reportedly had an excellent workout there on the 13th

There have been rumblings about the Celtics acquiring Shawn Marion for Theo Ratliff, Delonte West/Gerald Green and the #5 pick. I have already expressed my displeasure for a deal involving Marion in a previous post, and my thoughts haven’t changed. I don’t think giving up Theo’s contract and our pick is worth Shawn Marion. We know this wouldn’t be part of a 3-way deal between us, Phoenix and Minnesota because the TWolves would be demanding the 5th pick.

Personally, I’m just going to hope that this, like most other rumors we have heard, does not come to fruition and we can make it into Thursday night with our pick intact. But of course that doesn’t mean that Ainge will make a pick during the draft either…

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