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Anchor the Celtics’ Arc with Noah?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

Size, athleticism, defense, passion. These are four qualities that would be great for any draft prospect. How about leading the Florida Gators to back-to-back National Titles? Joakim Noah did all of these things and before deciding to return to Florida for his junior season, he was the consensus #1 pick in last season’s draft. Now one year later, his stock has dropped off, having him land anywhere between #3 to the Hawks to #10 to the Kings, with every team in between perceivably a reasonable spot for Noah to land. The question is do the Celtics make Noah their selection at #5?

I’ve never been a big fan of Noah. His offensive game is atrocious. All of his points in the NBA would come off of the fast break or garbage put backs. He has a terrible jump shot and a miserable low post game, so why even consider him? To find a big man that is a legit 6-11 that can get up and down the floor is a huge asset, especially to a Celtics team that wants to play at a fast pace. With that said, is he worth the #5?

The Celtics played Al Jefferson at the center position last year, but would love to get him back to his natural power forward position. Adding Noah doesn’t allow Jefferson to play power forward on defense as Noah is too small to ever guard an NBA center, even in the Eastern Conference. So that doesn’t exactly help the cause of moving Jefferson back to power forward. If this were the case, why not go with Yi who gives you a much better offensive game allowing Jefferson to work in the post and giving him more space to operate? Yi should be able to guard most power forwards and can use his height to block some shots down low.

But it seems that many teams are interested in Noah. I said before that the Suns were interested in trading up to get Noah and now I’m reading that the Mavericks want to move into the top-10 for a chance at Noah. The rumor mill at mentions a possible deal with the Celtics:

Joakim Noah’s draft stock appears to be rising, especially with the Dallas Mavericks. reports that the Mavericks are looking to move into the top ten of this year’s NBA draft, but it may be at the expense of starting point guard Jason Terry. Boston and Minnesota are in need of point-guard help, which Terry can provide.

I am not in favor of moving the 5th pick in the draft to get Jason Terry in return. I like Terry, but I would want more of a pure point guard to run the Celtics. If we were to even consider this deal, why not look at drafting Conley at #5?

Please, Danny, if you are reading: don’t do anything before the draft. Just sit tight and draft Horford, Yi, Wright or Conley at #5 and deal for Rashard Lewis.


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