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C’s Kill 4-way Deal

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

This is it! I’ve had it with these trade rumors! I know I said I wasn’t going to get excited about all this, but I lied. I was pumped at the thought of bringing in Jermaine O’Neal, but I think I got the deal wrong to begin with. I got the bare minimums of the deal, thinking we would only give up the #5 pick in exchange for O’Neal, but in reality, we would have had to throw Gerald, Theo and Ba$$y into the deal too. Not sure if I would have gone for that anyways. But according to the LA Times, the C’s were the buzzkill of the rumored four team trade.

The talks turned into discussions about a four-way deal among the Lakers, Minnesota, Indiana and Boston, in which the Lakers would have gotten Garnett. However, the deal broke down, reportedly because the Celtics didn’t like what they would have gotten, ending the four-way negotiations.

Maybe Danny Ainge isn’t as bad as we all think. For him to realize we aren’t getting equal value in a deal is a big step forward in his decision making when it comes to wheeling and dealing. As of now, the only two options I think we should even discuss is bringing in Pau Gasol or Rashard Lewis. If neither of them, perhaps dealing Pierce is the way to go.


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