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With the 5th Pick, the Phoenix Suns Select…???

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2007

Could this be true? I sure hope not. But according to, this could already be a done deal…

Brewer Joins Noah in Phoenix Workout

The East Valley Tribune reported that Joakim Noah will be working out two days before the draft (Tuesday) with the Phoenix Suns, a sure-fire sign that a trade involving either the #5 or #7 pick is imminent. DraftExpress learned that Phoenix will also host Corey Brewer on Tuesday, although the identity of the other prospects participating in the two workouts is still unknown.

To pull off a workout of this nature on draft day—one that will almost certainly be competitive considering the timing and what’s at stake—the Suns had to be able to give the players’ agents a very strong indication that they are very serious about moving up to draft them. What makes things easier is the fact that virtually every player in this draft, as well their agent, believes that Phoenix would be the absolute best fit for their style of play. It’s amazing what having Steve Nash on your team and playing the most attractive style of basketball in the NBA will do for you.

Noah and Brewer will be flying in from the a team that will certainly be drafting ahead of Phoenix–Memphis– where they will be working out together in front of the Grizzlies on Monday, both for the second time. Noah reportedly had an excellent workout there on the 13th

There have been rumblings about the Celtics acquiring Shawn Marion for Theo Ratliff, Delonte West/Gerald Green and the #5 pick. I have already expressed my displeasure for a deal involving Marion in a previous post, and my thoughts haven’t changed. I don’t think giving up Theo’s contract and our pick is worth Shawn Marion. We know this wouldn’t be part of a 3-way deal between us, Phoenix and Minnesota because the TWolves would be demanding the 5th pick.

Personally, I’m just going to hope that this, like most other rumors we have heard, does not come to fruition and we can make it into Thursday night with our pick intact. But of course that doesn’t mean that Ainge will make a pick during the draft either…


2 Responses to “With the 5th Pick, the Phoenix Suns Select…???”

  1. netsophobia said

    I hope and think the Nets will trade the 17th pick to maybe the Sixers or the Suns, getting the two 1st round pick of theirs, imagine a tandem of Sean Williams and Nick Fazekas

  2. r1zzo23 said

    Yeah, I saw your blog and you were drooling over the thought of pairing Williams and Fazekas. I’ve been preying for Williams to the Celtics for months now and he will probably be my next write up (maybe Noah first because he seems to be a potential draft choice for the C’s) and I love his game and he would be great for the Celtics.

    I’m taking a Basketball GM & Scouting Course and with my chat on Wednesday night, we chatted with Chad Ford. I asked him where he saw both these players going. He had Williams going no lower than 22 to Charlotte and Fazekas no earlier than the last 5 picks of the 1st round. Perhaps there is a chance for your Nets, but I would love to see the C’s move up into the late-teens/early 20s to try and grab Williams.

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