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What the Hell is Going On?!?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 27, 2007

We are within 36 hours of the NBA Draft and the rumors are still circling around the Celtics. It doesn’t look like they are discussing deals that would bring Kevin Garnett to Boston, but now it seems that Shawn Marion is the newest trade talk for the Celtics. Isn’t this the same Shawn Marion that already said that he wouldn’t play for Boston just one week ago? My how times have changed…

At first, it was looking like a 3-way deal involving the Celtics as well as the Suns and the Timberwolves. Suns would get the prize player in all these discussions in Kevin Garnett while the Celtics would receive Shawn Marion. The Timberwolves would go immediately into rebuilding mode by adding the fifth, 24th and 28th picks in this year’s NBA Draft as well as Atlanta’s first rounder next year (currently owned by Phoenix). They would also be given Theo Ratliff and Kurt Thomas in the deal. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

But now, I’m hearing that WEEI has reported that it is almost a done deal that the Celtics would send Theo Ratliff, Delonte West and the #5 pick to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion, effectively leaving Minnesota out of the deal. That doesn’t seem like a bad deal for the Celtics, but now, where will KG go? Perhaps a deal with Atlanta is in the works as they are “dangling their two lottery picks – Nos. 3 and 11 – and other considerations for Garnett.”

Is this perhaps the craziest NBA off-season we have ever seen? With players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Shawn Marion, Rashard Lewis and Chauncey Billups all changing teams, added to the fact that the draft is headlined by Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, I can’t remember being this excited about the league without having any games to watch. I guess only time will tell what Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics will do. I’m sure Paul Pierce is in the same seat as me when it comes to wondering “What the hell is going on?!?”


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