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Pruitt and Big Baby for the C’s

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 28, 2007

So with the #32 pick, we pin our hopes on Gabe Pruitt, the 6-4 guard from USC, to become a backup PG. He’s more of a shooter, but hopefully he can learn to run our offense (does Doc have an offense?) with some efficiency and give us a third scoring option with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

With #35, the Celtics’ brass decided Glen “Big Baby” Davis was the way to go. He’s a 6-9 PF (undersized) and has a weight problem. As Jay Bilas says, Big Baby is like Oprah when it comes to taking off weight, but is he committed to keeping it off? Probably not the direction I would have went with those picks, but looks like what I think doesn’t matter (Go figure! Maybe Danny Ainge should be taking the Basketball GM & Scouting course I’m enrolled in).

Here’s hoping that there’s a deal in the wings, but I would hate to see Al go…


One Response to “Pruitt and Big Baby for the C’s”

  1. netsophobia said

    Gabe Pruitt is a steal! but I don’t like Glen Davis though, I’d think Derrick byars or McFlobberts would be better.

    what’d you think of Allan Ray Allen?

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