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Bobcats waive veteran Knight after three years in Charlotte

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 29, 2007

Interesting move by the Charlotte Bobcats as they wave one of the best pure point guards in all of the league. He is 31 years old and was injured quite a bit last year, but it does make sense in a money saving stand point.

Knight had a buyout clause in his contract worth $1.5 million. He was scheduled to make just over $4 million next season.

That saves the club $2.5 million by waiving Knight, but wouldn’t it have been smarter to just include him in the Brandan Wright for Jermareo Davidson and Jason Richardson deal?

If the Celtics are in fact looking to win now, Brevin Knight would be a great pickup as he would fill a huge gap at point guard for us. I’m pretty sure we have used half of our $6 million Mid-Level Exception on Scalabrine’s contract (I just threw up a little bit in my mouth), so I don’t see why we wouldn’t offer Knight the other half for two years at $3 milion a year. The real question  is would he want to come here?

I think if we trade for Kevin Garnett, Brevin Knight would be yet another big piece to a championship puzzle. A lineup of Knight, Allen, Pierce, Garnett and Perkins would be very scary, especially in the East. Time to sit back and see what Ainge cooks up in the very near future.


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  1. […] free agent to help stabilize someone’s backcourt. As I expressed before, I would love to have Brevin Knight on the Celtics, but I just don’t see it happening unless they tell him they will acquire someone like Kevin […]

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