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Celtics Interested in Grant Hill’s Services

Posted by r1zzo23 on July 3, 2007

We haven’t heard any news suggesting that Grant Hill would want to come to Boston, but it’s encouraging to hear that the Celtics are interested in bringing Grant Hill to the team.

Lon Babby, who represents both Ray Allen and Grant Hill, was at yesterday’s news conference. Babby said Hill is determined to play next season and has drawn interest from Boston, Phoenix, Detroit, and San Antonio . — Boston Globe

Grant Hill would give us a legitimate option off of the bench instead of needing Gerald Green or Tony Allen to be our 6th man. I have always been a big fan of Grant Hill, but as much as I would like to see him on our squad, I’d almost rather see him on a team like the Spurs so he can win a well-deserved title to cap off his career. But if he decideds that Boston is where he wants to play, I will welcome him with open arms!

Notable Signings:

  • Rashard Lewis agrees to verbal deal with Orlando
  • Jason Kapono signs 4-year, $24 million with Toronto
  • Vince Carter re-signs with New Jersey for 4-years worth $61.8 million with a team option for a 5th year
  • Luke Walton stays in LA for $30 million over six years
  • Greg Oden signs a two year deal with Portland worth over $8 million with a team option 3rd year

3 Responses to “Celtics Interested in Grant Hill’s Services”

  1. val Temin said

    I think to add Rasheed Walace and Grant Hill is amazing. Rasheed would fit in well off the bench and to finaly have

  2. val temin said

    This would be great for the team as now they would have someone to fill in at SG or SF. Since they do not have anyone but tony Allen. I’m just scared that we might have a problem with spliting the playing time. They would now have 5 stars. How do you keep everyone happy. Especially Rasheed. With that attitude the big three have a lot of sense to put in him. But if we can sign Grant Hill I see us as the best bench and team in the NBA. In the finals Celtics, Lakers.

    Beat L.A. !!!!!!!!

  3. aarron said

    I think that Hill and Walace would be gread additions for boston. Now if Garnett can stay healthy and Rondo can play like he did in the play offs i like thier chances for eight teen.

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