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Tony Allen “Back in November”

Posted by r1zzo23 on July 3, 2007

Tony Allen is a relatively low-key player throughout the league, but to Celtics Nation, he was seen as a potential All-Star when Pierce went down. Tony was averaging 20 points a night in between late December and early January. He was carrying the scoring load while Pierce was out with injury. Allen and Al Jefferson were looking like a very dangerous inside/outside combination that could be vital to the future of the franchise.

But then, the inexplicable happened. After a whistle was blown as soon as Tony was driving towards the lane, he decided he would continue his assault on the rim. Only thing was that the rim would be the one winning that fight. Tony Allen came down very awkwardly and ended up tearing his ACL and PCL. Naturally, that ended his season.

Today, a report in the Boston Globe had some good news on Allen’s rehab. In the interview, Tony said:

“For sure I know I’ll be back in November.”

“It’s coming along great. I’m running. I’m shooting jump shots, but I’m just taking it easy because some days it feels good and some days it feels bad. [There are] ups and downs. But for the most part I feel comfortable about getting back to where I need to be.”

That is very reassuring news. These types of injuries used to take a full calendar year to heal. But looking at what doctors have been able to do with players like Carson Palmer and Daunte Culpepper, it seems that the recovery period is much shorter. Personally, I don’t think Tony will be 100% until January, but having him on the court in November would be great for this team. He is one of the two good perimeter defenders on the roster and will be a huge part in this teams’ success this season. Let’s hope that Allen has a full recovery and I just hope he doesn’t rush back and end up hurting himself in the long run.


2 Responses to “Tony Allen “Back in November””

  1. darren said

    Last Season had all of us seeing the worse of all injuries in the NBA, Livingston, Allen, Garbajosa. gross

  2. r1zzo23 said

    Yeah, sick thing was that two of those three were in Boston…

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