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Does Telfair Have a Future in Beantown?

Posted by r1zzo23 on July 6, 2007

bay.jpgAfter the Ray Allen trade sent our backup point guard in Delonte West to Seattle, we were left with Rondo as our starter and Sebastian Telfair as the backup. Yes, the same Telfair that had his nameplate stripped from his locker at the Waltham workout facility. The team was talking as if Sebastian was not going to be back with this team next year, but with only one point guard on the roster, it looks like they may be back tracking just a bit.

Selected with the 13th pick in the 2004 NBA Draft, this high school legend was supposed to be the next great point guard for a long time. After spurning Rick Pitino and Louisville, he had his sights set on taking the NBA by storm. Portland took him even though many draft experts were not high on his game at all. Being drafted #13 overall was perhaps the high point of his young career.

Looking at his career numbers, he has never averaged 10 points a game, never averaged 4 assists a game and never shot over 40% from the floor. Seems like maybe a little seasoning at the college level, especially with a great coach like Rick Pitino, would have done Ba$$y some good.

The Celtics brought him in last year to challenge for the starting point guard position. This wouldn’t have been such a bad deal if you think about the team trying to grab a potential stud in Telfair to become the franchise point guard for many years. But when you take into account that we gave up the #7 pick, which turned out to be Brandon Roy (Rookie of the Year), it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Roy was the most NBA-ready player coming in to the draft and the Celtics didn’t need to get any younger. Roy also brought some good size to the point guard position.

sebastian.jpgLet’s not look at all the negatives, but try to shine some light on any positives there may be. Sure, he has been in some trouble with the law, but you have to realize he is still so very young. At the age of 22, he is still maturing and would be going into his senior season if he had gone to college. Maybe with his first three years behind him, he is ready to take his big step forward to show he truly belongs in this league as a point guard.

I know he will be stuck behind Rondo on the depth chart, but Telfair can definitely come in and be effective. With Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, he has to know that he should never be settling for jump shots. He needs to attack the lane and either kick it to a shooter on the perimeter, attack the rim or hit Al Jefferson with an easy drop down pass. When Telfair decides to be a scorer, that’s when he does himself, as well as his team, no good.

What do I expect from Sebastian Telfair this season? I hope he can solidify himself as this team’s backup point guard, make some good decisions and develop into a facilitator. It would be a great luxury to have two pass-first point guards on the squad, especially two that can get to the rim at will. Even if Telfair can’t win the starting gig, he can push Rondo to be better than he is now and help this team in some facet.

With that said, I hope that Telfair can play well enough to get another deal with the Celtics to backup Rondo for a couple more seasons. With Rondo, Telfair and a combo guard in Gabe Pruitt, the point guard position would seem to be in good hands.


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