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Flavor of the Week: Brandon Wallace

Posted by r1zzo23 on July 7, 2007

After watching last night’s game, everyone is talking about one guy on the Celtics’ roster. No, it wasn’t Rajon Rondo. It wasn’t Gerald Green either. Leon Powe played great, but not much mention about him. It was undrafted Brandon Wallace who is receiving all the talk around the water coolers this morning. This 6’9″ “center” from South Carolina went undrafted, but shined with the Celtics last night. Here are his numbers from South Carolina:


Wallace is a very long and athletic player with a mindset for defense and rebounding, two things the Celtics could definitely use. He played his entire collegiate career at the center position, but at only 6’9″ and barely over 200 pounds, everyone knew that wouldn’t bode well for his future in the NBA.

The Celtics decided to bring him in for the summer league and run him at the four spot, and he played OK. Then, Doc Rivers thought there was a way to get more out of this kid.

“We may have gotten really lucky here,” said Rivers. “We thought he might be able to be an active 4, but then seeing him in our league with all the strength I was thinking he won’t survive at that spot. Then at the (Thursday) morning coaches meeting, I said, ‘Guys, I think he’s a 3. Let’s just throw him at the 3 and see what happens.’ And he looked phenomenal. It’s amazing.”

brandon-wallace.jpegLast night, he looked very active on the glass and defensive end of the floor. His jump shot is not what you are looking for from your small forward, but with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, there aren’t enough shots to go around, especially for Brandon Wallace. His freak athleticism is something the Celtics desperately can use, especially from a player with a sort of big man mentality.

Wallace looks to be perfect for an uptempo style of play. If he’s on the floor with Rondo and Gerald, these three could be very exciting to watch on the fast break. I must say, I didn’t get as excited about this kid as many others did, but he is looking like something the Celtics roster could use as a 12th man. But let us all remember, this is just the first summer league game. Let’s see how this all plays out over the next two weeks and then we’ll know if this kid is worthy of a roster spot.


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