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Pruitt Makes Allan Ray Expendable

Posted by r1zzo23 on July 7, 2007

allan-ray.jpgAfter the acquisition of Ray Allen, I figured that Allan Ray’s days were to be numbered soon enough. Then we drafted Gabe Pruitt, a 1st round talent with some point guard experience and legit NBA range, and that pretty much was the nail in the coffin for Allan Ray.

Allan Ray was a college superstar while playing at Villanova, but he was the typical scoring guard that is not tall enough to cut it at shooting guard in the NBA. He also didn’t play any point guard, so that is not even close to an option for the Boston Celtics right now.

Watching the game last night, Allan Ray was struggling with his shot, just like last year’s summer league action. Although he was one of the three Celtics with double-digit scoring (11 points), he only shot three for ten from the field, and many of the misses were wide open looks that he must knock down. Last year it took Allan Ray until the last couple of summer league games to turn it on and earn a spot, but I think he knows that there is much more pressure on him to perform this year as his services may not be needed.gabe-pruitt.jpg

Gabe Pruitt, although he didn’t receive much playing time, showed that he has got an NBA ready jumper. He came in right away and launched a three from the right wing and converted even while receiving a hip check from the defender (no call for the rookie, though).  Pruitt went three for six from the field, hitting one three-pointer and finishing with seven total points. The negatives were Pruitt’s zero rebounds, zero assists, five fouls (in 17 minutes) and two turnovers (one which should have been a lob to Gerald Green for a dunk). It is the kid’s first NBA action, so let’s see how he responds throughout the rest of the summer league.

Although Pruitt showed last night that he is definitely not ready to step in and be a backup point guard, he put on display his jumpshot which will be enough to number Allan Ray’s days as a Boston Celtic. Pruitt brings better size at 6’4″ and at least a little experience running a team’s offense. Pruitt will make this team, but I’m sure Ray will catch on to another team in the NBA.


3 Responses to “Pruitt Makes Allan Ray Expendable”

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  3. Stephane F. said

    excellent post r1zzo. i’m a usc alum and have seen pruitt play many times so im glad hes getting some game time out there. ur right: he def has the jump shot down and good range, he can get hot and be very effective from the outside. im interested to see how he develops at the PG spot b/c hes only played half a college season (last year of course) at that spot. he was very effective and i can only assume he’d get better. the thing that impressed me the most was his defense which was always very good. he always seemd to shut down whoever he was guarding at SC. hopefully that will show in the NBA and he can get some minutes that way. i was disappointed he left early b/c he could have gotten more experience at PG but i hope he makes the Celtics.

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