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Big Three Plus Who?

Posted by r1zzo23 on August 1, 2007


If there is a better trio in the league than Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, please, let me know now. These three have been franchise players on teams that haven’t achieved much at all in their respective careers. Each of them have only been to one conference finals each. Now the expectations are to make it to at least the Eastern Conference Finals this season and beyond in the very near future.

Now if this were the Hoop-It-Up 3-on-3 tournament, there’s not another team in the world that would be able to beat us. Considering that this is the NBA and the minimum roster requirement is 12 players, we’ve got some people to add to this squad. Remember just two short months ago when nobody wanted to play in Boston other than Rashard Lewis and Al Jefferson? Well that has quickly changed over the last 48 hours.

In a report from the Boston Herald:

In a rather amazing turn of events, Boston has suddenly become a desirable city for NBA free agents. Agents for legitimate veteran players were actually calling the Celtics [team stats] yesterday, looking to place their clients in Boston as news of Kevin Garnett’s arrival spilled out further.

Eddie House, Troy Hudson, Brevin Knight and Charlie Bell are reportedly on the point guard list. Bell is a restricted free agent, which makes his situation a little different (Milwaukee can match any offer he gets). Hudson had his contract bought out by the Timberwolves yesterday, making him a free agent. And while the C’s were previously steering away from Knight because of alleged locker room issues, a source said, “Hey, just about everyone that’s out there now has (a few) spots.”

As for big men, Doc Rivers said the Celts are “very interested” in Dikembe Mutombo as a backup center, while P.J. Brown, Michael Ruffin, Calvin Booth and Scot Pollard are also under consideration.

My dreams would come true if we could land Brevin Knight; a proven pass-first PG that would be great to give Rondo more time to grow. PJ Brown has also been a personal favorite of mine. He’s always been a good defender and a consummate professional. He’s a big body and can play, unlike the others mentioned (sorry, Dikembe doesn’t do it for me).

It will be very interesting to see who Danny adds in the next week or so, but you know there will be additions. All I can say is that I have already gotten a little teary eyed listening to people talk about the Celtics as NBA title contenders. What a roller coaster of emotions this team has been involved in over the past 12 months…

Thanks to the Celtics homepage for the great picture!


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