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Celts Agree to Terms with Posey

Posted by r1zzo23 on August 25, 2007

From Mark Murphy:

The Celtics just agreed to terms with one of the hottest free agents still on the market – James Posey, a player who should give the Celtics defense a significant upgrade.

This 6-8 forward, known in particular for his role as a defensive stopper on the 2006 Miami team that won the NBA title, averaged 7.7 points, five boards and one steal per game last season.

The deal came together with relative haste. Though Danny Ainge, the Celtics’ director of basketball operations, had been in touch with Posey over the last month, discussions gained momentum yesterday, after Reggie Miller informed the Celtics that he would not come out of retirement to join the team.

Seems like the Celtics didn’t waste any time theoretically replacing Reggie Miller on the roster. Now they need to find a backup point guard and their roster will be ready to go for the season.


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