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Possible Cassell to Celtics Deal?

Posted by r1zzo23 on January 19, 2008

Clippers point guard Sam Cassell has been the subject of trade rumors for the past several weeks, and with the NBA’s Feb. 21 trading deadline less than five weeks away, those rumors are growing. The hottest one has Cassell headed to Boston. … Cassell, 38, would be a valued acquisition for a team looking for one final piece to add in pursuit of a championship. He is in the final year of a two-year contract that will pay him $6.15 million this season. Cassell said Thursday he plans to play one more season. — OC Register

Now I know we could definitely use a backup point guard with some experience in the league, but I’m not exactly sure that Sam Cassell would be my choice. First of all, I would be giving Gabe Pruitt some run while Rondo is banged up. Even when Rondo comes back, ease him back to his normal 30+ minutes a game and allow Pruitt a little time on the floor too. It’s obvious that Eddie House is a liability at point guard, especially against the Detroit Pistons, so perhaps give Pruitt a chance to show he can run the point.

I think Cassell is a good backup point guard at this point of his career, but he may have too much of an ego for my liking. I would hate to see him come in and disrupt the chemistry that this team has. The offense is a little sporadic as it is. There’s no need to bring in point guard that likes to look for his own shot more than getting his teammates involved.

Danny Ainge has said multiple times that he is not looking to make any change to the roster as he likes what he has to work with. I guess we’ll have to take DA’s word on this one. If he does decide to bring in a veteran point guard before the trade deadline, I would much rather see Brevin Knight in a Celtics’ uniform rather than his teammate Cassell.


3 Responses to “Possible Cassell to Celtics Deal?”

  1. Jeff said

    You’re forgetting to mention the fact that Cassell and Garnett are close friends. Garnett’s personality as a leader completely eclipses a problem with Sam’s ego. Cassell has proven time and again that he can hit clutch shots and would provide great lessons for Rondo. Sam I Am is the man for Boston.

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