Boston Celtics: The Big Green Machine

We'll be back and better than ever!


Posted by r1zzo23 on June 18, 2008

Ever since making the huge trade for Kevin Garnett back in August, we have always talked about how the Celtics would win the NBA Championship. We knew it would be a long, hard fought road to finally bringing a title back to Boston, but when you finally see this magical season unfold in front of you eyes is a thing of beauty. There is not a single player, coach or front office personnel that I am not happy to see get a championship ring.

I’ll be doing write-ups for every player on the team later, but I can’t go without talking about the team captain, Paul Pierce, and how he has given this city everything he possibly could. Although he was close to demanding a trade out of here, ultimately he stayed (thanks to Danny Ainge) and lead this team to a NBA Championship. Yes, Kevin Garnett brought a fire unmatched by anyone in the league, but Paul is The Truth and was the #1 option at every big moments, especially in the playoffs. I can’t be any more happy to see Paul Pierce not only win a championship here in Boston, but be recognized as an elite player in this league with his Finals MVP award. Thank you Paul for everything you have done for this franchise!

The Celtics are NBA World Champions! To go from potential #1 pick in last year’s NBA Draft to now the best team in the entire league is something that Hollywood couldn’t have scripted any better. Go celebrate, folks, because we are the best team in all of basketball!


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