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Ainge Giving Some Insight on #30 Pick

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2008

Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge doesn’t expect to draft a player who can help the NBA champions next season.

Ainge said Wednesday there are some players he wouldn’t select unless they agreed to play overseas and develop for a couple of years. He also said a trade for a better pick would be a real longshot.

Ainge also says he hopes to re-sign James Posey, but may not sign all of his current players who are eligible for free agency.

I have to say that this is a little disheartening. I would love to see a player like Courtney Lee or Bill Walker brought in and give Ray and Paul some rest here and there. Not sure who Danny is thinking to keep overseas. I would love to see Nicolas Batum be our pick, but I think he would be gone by then  (Portland at #27 could afford to take Batum).

I have a real good feeling that Ainge will bring back Posey. Haven’t read much about it, but it’s just a gut feeling. With that said, Sam Cassell, Eddie House and Tony Allen’s chances are all up in the air. Personally, I’d say bring back Eddie and Tony and let Sam walk. Let Gabe Pruitt play as the 3rd point guard for this team in mop-up duty in the inevitable blowouts the Celtics will take part in.

The NBA season may be over, but the off-season keeps us at the edge of our seat as if we are still watching this team play.


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