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My Mock Draft

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2008

After getting tired of looking at who everyone else thought would go in what order for the draft, I’ve decided I’ll just go ahead and tell you what the draft will look like. So instead of waiting around for 7:30 tomorrow night, just read this and you’ll know who’s going to go where! [End of sarcasm]

1. Chicago Bulls – Derrick Rose: Do-it-all point guard will try to bring Chicago back to the playoffs.

2. Miami Heat – Michael Beasley: Ultimately, Beasley will go #2 but I don’t expect him to be in Miami.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves – OJ Mayo: With a glaring need at SG coupled with Mayo being, at worse, the 3rd best prospect in this draft, Al Jefferson gets his combo guard and running mate for the next few years.

4. Seattle Supersonics – Jerryd Bayless: I think Seattle is going to either walk away from this draft with either Beasley or Bayless.

5. Memphis Grizzlies – Kevin Love: Not a fan of this pick, but the Grizzlies will try to play it safe here unless they can make a deal for Beasley.

6. New York Knicks – Danillo Gallinari: This 6’9″ forward does it all and should fit in well with D’Antoni’s system.

7. Los Angeles Clippers – Russell Westbrook: Clippers keep it local by drafting the UCLA product to run the point with the recovered Shaun Livingston.

8. Milwaukee Bucks – Joe Alexander: Probably closest lock of the draft is Alexander to Milwaukee.

9. Charlotte Bobcats – Brook Lopez: I’d rather them take Anthony Randolph, but they need to be able to move Okafor to the power forward position permanently, so Lopez is the pick.

10. New Jersey Nets – Anthony Randolph: Nets need a power forward and Randolph is the most talented one available. No center prospect on the board is worth taking over Randolph.

11. Indiana Pacers – DJ Augustin: Another lock of the draft. Larry Bird has openly said they have a point guard for sale (pack your bags, Tinsley) and will look to replace him with this young Longhorn.

12. Sacramento Kings – Eric Gordon: The earliest I could see him go is to the Clippers, but I think he lands here with the Kings.

13. Portland Trailblazers – Brandon Rush: I think this pick gets dealt to Phoenix in a Barbosa deal, but either team would love to add a player like Rush.

14. Golden State Warriors – Kosta Koufos: Big man that can shoot. Sounds great for Nellie Ball to me.

15. Phoenix Suns – Marreese Speights: Suns are looking to get away from the up and down game, so they go big to establish another interior presence with Amare and Shaq.

16. Philadelphia 76ers – Darrell Arthur: 76ers are looking to draft big and can get a versatile power forward in Arthur.

17. Toronto Raptors – Robin Lopez: The Raps were impressed with Lopez and could use a banger inside to free up Bosh to play power forward.

18. Washington Wizards – Roy Hibbert: Some reports had Hibbert falling, but I think the Wizards take him and hope to have him as a backup to Haywood.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers – Donte Green: A power forward with NBA range could work well with Lebron in helping to spread the floor. Oh yeah, he’s got crazy athleticism that should be great for the fast break.

20. Denver Nuggets – Mario Chalmers: They need a PG and he’s the best available. Done deal.

21. New Jersey Nets – DeAndre Jordan: Once thought to be a top-7 pick in the draft, Jordan slides due to low level of skill.

22. Orlando Magic – Jason Thompson: A banger with a decent offensive game and a relentless motor on the glass. Could be huge on offensive boards with the amount of three-point attempts this team takes.

23. Utah Jazz – Courtney Lee: Jazz would have liked a big man here, but they will settle with Lee as I don’t think Brewer is the answer at SG.

24. Seattle Supersonics – Javale McGee: Another big man that slides down the board, Seattle is rebuilding and can afford to take a project center.

25. Houston Rockets – JJ Hickson: Rockets need a power forward to help Yao.

26. San Antonio Spurs – Alexis Ajinca: Spurs do what they always do and take a foreignor to stash away for a couple years. Ajinca could be a special player down the road.

27. Portland Trailblazers – Nicolas Batum: The Blazers draft as many foreignors as any other franchise in the league and have plenty of young talent to allow Batum to grow as a player in France for at least one more season.

28. Memphis Grizzlies – Chris Douglas-Roberts: Adding him with Rudy Gay would make quite a tough SG/SF combo to defend.

29. Detroit Pistons – Bill Walker: Pistons promised Walker they would take him at #29 if he was still on the board.

30. Boston Celtics – Omer Asik: Ainge is talking like he will take a Euro player and leave them overseas. Smokescreen or not, your guess is as good as mine on who the C’s will select.


One Response to “My Mock Draft”

  1. r1zzo23 said

    Gotta’ love doing a mock draft then having trades made literally minutes after publishing… =/

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