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Latter Half of the Lottery

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 26, 2008

  • Clippers stay at #7 and grab freshman scoring sensation Eric Gordon. He told Stephen A he can play point guard, but we all know that’s not true.
  • Jumpin’ Joe Alexander goes to Milwaukee. No shock here at all. On a side note, have you ever seen a kid come out of nowhere like Alexander? I mean I didn’t hear about him until the final month of the college season and he’s now the 8th pick of the draft. He will be a good player for a long time.
  • With the first of their two first round picks, MJ and the Bobcats select DJ Augustin. First real shock of the draft considering the Bobcats could use a big man but also could have grabbed Bayless as a point guard. Perhaps the next TJ Ford (hopefully barring the injury concern).
  • The Jersey Nets grab Brook Lopez. Bilas considered him the 3rd best prospect in the draft, so this is the steal of the draft so far. He adds an inside presence that they desperately needed.
  • A surprise by my standards, the Pacers take Jerryd Bayless. Not sure why they go this direction after just trading for TJ Ford, but he was the best available talent.
  • Jason Thompson to the Kings. Andy Katz said last week his stock was on the rise and possibly into the lottery, but I still see him as a reach here. Darrell Arthur would have been a better pick, in my opinion, but should still be a rebounding force in the NBA.
  • Blazers add to their stable of young talent and grab Brandon Rush. Great addition to this roster, but now Portland needs to find some playing time for this kid.
  • Last pick of the lottery, Golden State snatches Anthony Randolph. Great, young talent but very raw. I was thinking Koufos at this pick, but Randolph’s athleticism should get him playing time right away. Listening to Jay Bilas talk, Randolph is a 6-10 lefty with skills and no muscle. Has anyone seen Brandan Wright?

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