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Celtics Sign O’Bryant

Posted by r1zzo23 on July 11, 2008

So the Celtics surprise us all and sign Patrick O’Bryant, the two-year veteran center from Bradley. The Warriors selected him 9th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft. His stock rose not only because he was a mobile big man with some decent moves, but he carried Bradley to two wins in the NCAA tournament to boot. His career in the NBA has been almost non-existant, but his NBDL numbers aren’t too shabby. Obviously, a championship team would like a much more proven commodity as their backup center, but let’s not give up hope just yet.

If anyone can work with raw talent in the forms of power forwards or centers, it’s assistant coach Clifford Ray. He’s turned Al Jefferson into a budding all-star and Kendrick Perkins into a legit starting center in this league. O’Bryant has got all the physical tools to be a good player in this league, maybe he just needs a coach to really whip him into shape.

Now that we have signed Patrick O’Bryant, we can all exhale that our free agency frenzy has ended. We could possibly re-sign James Posey, but would that come close to topping the O’Bryant deal?!? [end sarcasm]


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