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Garnett Suspended for Tonight’s Game Against Knicks

Posted by r1zzo23 on November 18, 2008

KG will be a cheerleader from the bench tonight.

KG will be a cheerleader from the bench tonight.

This has been widely reported, but I figured I’d throw it up here anyways. From

The Boston Celtics will take a hit for Kevin Garnett‘s hit.

The NBA announced on Monday that the All-Star forward will be suspended for one game for hitting Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut in the face on Saturday.

Bogut didn’t get off, however, with the league also upgrading the foul he committed that started the altercation to a Flagrant 1.

The incident happened late in the fourth quarter of the Celtics’ 102-97 overtime win in Milwaukee.

Garnett will sit out Tuesday’s game against the New York Knicks in Boston.

Can’t say that I expected to see this happen. Both players were assessed technical fouls at the time of the altercation and that should have been enough. Bogut’s technical being upgraded to a flagrant foul is another bad decision, in my opinion. Garnett has been a little crazy so far this season. First, he was barking at Jose Calderon. Next, he clearly started verbally assaulting Randolph Morris, I believe, during the Hawks game when KG had an and-1 alley-oop. Now we have this scuffle with Andrew Bogut. Celtic fans love the fire and passion, until it starts affecting the team by keeping him on the bench. This can’t continue for Garnett.

Now I am going to assume that Leon Powe will get the starting nod tonight against the Knicks. Is there a better game for Leon to play in than tonight? The Knicks will be running D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense with undersized players, perfect for Leon. He should have himself a great game tonight if he can stay out of fould trouble.


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