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Big Game for Celtics?

Posted by r1zzo23 on December 17, 2008

Just watching ESPN today makes you think that the Celtics are playing a huge game tonight. If you’re an Atlanta fan, maybe this is a good measuring stick for you. If you’re a 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls (72-10 record), maybe you’re rooting extra hard for the Hawks. But if you’re a Celtics fan, are you really getting “geeked up” about tonight’s game? Just think about it for a second. These are the Atlanta Hawks!

OK, let’s get serious. These are the same Hawks, maybe a little better, that took our championship team to the brink of elimination. Yes, before Lebron lost in that epic duel to Paul Pierce in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference quaterfinals, Joe Johnson did the same to us in the first round.

Now that we have the history of this new-born “rivalry” between these current Celtics and Hawks, let’s discuss the question at hand: is this a big game for the Celtics? Do you remember the last game the Celtics played against the Pistons this season? You may recall the first game against Detroit this season as it was Iverson’s first home game in a Detroit uniform, the but second meeting between the Pistons and Celtics wasn’t nearly as memorable as any of the games last year. And these were supposed to be the Pistons that we were going to meet in the Eastern Conference Finals once again.

The reason I bring up the Pistons is because they were the team that was supposed to stop us from winning a title. They were supposed to be the team to take back their Eastern Conference crown this season after falling to us in six games last season. The Hawks, although much improved, still aren’t a team that the Celtics would normally “get up” for. In fact, the Celtics get up for just about every game and don’t really change their play at all no matter who the opponent is. The Celtics will go on the road and handle their business as best as possible and think nothing of it whether it’s the Hawks, the Thunder or the Lakers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what the Atlanta Hawks are doing and are definitely on the ups. I’m not trying to diminish how big of a game this is for the Hawks tonight. This is a huge measuring stick for Atlanta, especially with the defending champs riding a 15-game win streak. Add to that the fact that Paul Pierce beat the Hawks in Boston this year with virtually no time left this season. The Hawks will be out for revenge, but the Celtics will be thinking to just win this one game and then move on to whoever is next on the schedule. That doesn’t mean the Celtics will be looking past the Hawks because that’s just not how they handle their business.

This will be a very competitive game and for the Hawks’ sake, I hope they don’t get blown out because they are billing this to be a very big game for their season.


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