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Celtics Win 16th Straight In Atlanta

Posted by r1zzo23 on December 18, 2008

Post from December 18, 2008…

Cs Win 16 Straight.jpg
After watching that game, I had to check the date on my computer because I thought it was June all over again. This game had a playoff atmosphere right from the opening jump, but it did have its playoff-like choke at the end. With just over two seconds remaining on the clock with the Hawks trailing by two, Joe Johnson stepped to the line with a chance to tie it up and most likely send this game into overtime. He calmly knocked down the first free throw. The second, well… just see the picture above.

This game came down to the final seconds, but every shot mattered, especially in the fourth quarter. The starting five, who ended up closing out the game, came to play tonight. The player of the game has to go to Kevin Garnett, who was a perfect five for five from the floor in the fourth quarter (2-10 in the first three) and was the emotional lift that the Celtics desperately needed. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce played second fiddle to KG in the quarter while Perk continued to gobble up rebounds and block shots (10 rebounds, 4 blocks).

With those four out of the way, that leaves us with our feisty floor-leader in Rajon Rondo. I mean if this kid didn’t turn haters into believers last season, I can’t possibly see how he hasn’t done it thus far into the season. When the all-star talk started for Rondo about a month ago, I thought it was a nice little conversation starter, but nothing serious. In the past month, Rondo has been nothing short of spectacular and has been just the point guard this team needs. Rondo finished tonight’s game with 15 points, six rebounds, seven assists and four steals (currently 2nd in the league for consecutive games with at least one steal, currently at 20 games). His leadership has been superb and no longer can defenses just help off of Rondo as his offensive arsenal is growing with each game. All-Star game or not this season, he has shown the world that he can play with the best that the game has to offer.

Josh Smith, Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams all missed at least one free throw in that fourth quarter tonight and I’m sure that they all wish that they could have those back. One thing is for sure: Atlanta is a matchup nightmare for the Celtics.

The Boston Celtics, now 24-2, head home for a three game home stand before heading to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers on Christmas Day. With Chicago, New York and Philadelphia up next, it’s likely that we could be in LA with a 27-2 record.


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