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GP for Backup PG

Posted by r1zzo23 on January 8, 2009

Post from January 8, 2009…

Sorry for the misleading post heading for all you Gary Payton fans, but I am not looking for the Celtics to call The Glove up and bring him back to Boston for a third stint. I mean he was already angry playing behind Rondo once, and we have our aged veteran point guard sitting on the bench in Sam Cassell.

What I am talking about is Gabe Pruitt, the Celtics’ 2nd round pick out of USC in the 2007 NBA Draft. In college, Gabe mostly played as a shooting guard and combined with Nick Young formed a lethal duo in the Pac-10. When drafted, it was assumed he would have to develop his point guard skills. After his stint in the D-League, it was obvious the kid could score. Now, he just needed to get some playing time.

Pruitt would get in during the waning minutes of a blowout and usually knock down his one or two jumpers while still playing some impressive defense for a young player in Thibodeau’s system. Now he just needed a chance to prove his worth with meaninful minutes. With the Celtics’ bench playing horribly, Tony Allen injured and Doc needing to shake things up, Gabe Pruitt was the first guard off the bench last night instead of Eddie House. He came in and played some good defense and showed he could score against Houston’s rotation guys rather than their scrubs. Sure he had Brent Barry covering him, but buckets are buckets, and Gabe had seven points in his 15 minutes last night. He didn’t have much else in the box score (one rebound, one turnover), but all in all it was a solid outing for the young kid.

Personally, I’ve been a fan of Gabe Pruitt since he was back at USC and was thrilled that the Celtics selected him in the 2nd round. I knew it would take time before he cracked the rotation, but now is his chance. He came in and played shooting guard last night and was very effective. It is yet to see if he can run the point against a team’s first or second squad, but we’ll never know until we give him the chance.

Doc, I’m sure you’ve been rattling your brain with some solutions to this skid and, more importantly, the ineffectiveness of your bench. Put Gabe Pruitt in the game as the backup point guard and let him be the instant offense that our reserves so desperately needs.


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