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Gabe Pruitt Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

Posted by r1zzo23 on February 26, 2009

Post from February 26, 2009…


Gabe Pruitt of the Boston Celtics was arrested early Thursday morning in the Los Angeles area on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, celebrity gossip web site reported.The Celtics were in town to play the Clippers Wednesday night.

A search of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department web site found that someone with Pruitt’s exact name and birthday was arrested at 3:07 a.m. and booked at 5:57 a.m. Bail was set at $5,000.

I’m pretty disappointed in Gabe about this, but there are two reasons I could give for this happening. One, Pruitt was born in LA and played his college ball at USC, so this is a homecoming for him. I asked why weren’t the Celtics on a plane home after that game since they’ve been on the road for over two weeks now. I’m sure captain Paul Pierce wanted to spend a night in his home town of Los Angeles as well, so the Celtics stayed the night.

Lastly, I think the foregone conclusion of the Celtics signing Stephon Marbury may be a downer to Gabe. He was beginning to play some decent minutes game in and game out, but now with Marbury coming, his minutes could be all but gone. Personally, I don’t think that will happen, nor do I think it should effect Gabe in any way, but you never know with these athletes nowadays.

My buddy told me this was the curse of Stephon Marbury rearing its ugly head already. First KG gets hurt, then we got a scare with Paul Pierce last night, we lost to the Clippers and now this. Personally, I think he’s just a hater.


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