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2009 NBA Draft Lottery

Posted by r1zzo23 on May 19, 2009

09 Lottery

Gearing up for the Nuggets/Lakers game tonight, we will witness the NBA Draft Lottery first. Celtics’ fans know all about the excitement and, more than likely, the disappointment that the lottery can bring to teams hoping for that top pick. In this year’s draft, there is Blake Griffin and then there’s everyone else. Bottom line: this is as weak as a draft can get. I won’t get too in depth about the draft and the players in it until we get closer to that time.

Sacramento leads the teams with chances to land that coveted #1 pick with a 25% chance, followed by Washington (17.8), the Clippers (17.7), Oklahoma City (11.9%), Minnesota (7.6%) and Memphis (7.5%) round out the six teams with the best chance to win the lottery. Many conspiracy theorists believe that Oklahoma City will win the lottery as Blake Griffin is an Oklahoma product and would instantly be a fan favorite for the Thunder. Also, pairing him with Kevin Durant would give them a viable 1-2 punch to make waves in the league in the coming years. Personally, any of these top-6 teams that don’t get the #1 pick should be very disappointed at the end of the night.

Here I will update the draft lottery and the order for the 2009 NBA Draft.

14 – Phoenix Suns

13 – Indiana Pacers

12 – Charlotte Bobcats

11 – New Jersey Nets

10 – Milwaukee Bucks

9 – Toronto Raptors

8 – New York Knicks

7 – Golden State Warriors

6 – Minnesota Timberwolves

5 – Washington Wizards

4 – Sacramento Kings

3 – Oklahoma City

2 – Memphis Grizzlies

1 – Los Angeles Clippers

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