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Clippers Can’t Ruin This, Will Take Blake

Posted by r1zzo23 on May 20, 2009

Blake Clippers

Less than 24 hours after winning the NBA Draft Lottery, the “secret” of the #1 pick this year is already out: Blake Griffin will be a Los Angeles Clipper. Congrats to Blake for turning himself into the top pick of his draft class, but the much taller task is turning the Clippers into a formidable NBA franchise.

I haven’t been too high on Blake Griffin’s potential to become an elite player in the league, but he may be the top pick that the Clippers need. He’s a freak athlete and doesn’t dominate the ball, so he isn’t very selfish at all on the offensive end. He’ll immediately come in and be a monster on the glass. I remember we all said that last year about Beasley, but Beasley’s motor isn’t nearly as high as Griffin’s.

The Clippers will be adding a great power forward prospect to their roster, thus creating a logjam of big men. Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman man the center position, so they aren’t exactly holding the Clippers back from getting Blake on the court. The problem, naturally, is Zach Randolph. Randolph is a scoring-only power forward. He doesn’t play defense, doesn’t rebound typically well and doesn’t play team basketball.

The toughest task for the Clippers now is to find a taker for Zach Randolph and his $33 million contract over the next two seasons. The Chicago Bulls could use a scoring big man while the Clippers have been interested in Kirk Hinrich for a while now. Would Chicago be willing to take on a character concern like Zach Randolph?

Assuming the roster stays as currently constructed, the Clippers would, in my opinion, have Baron Davis starting at point guard, Eric Gordon at the two, Al Thornton at small forward, Blake Griffin at power forward and Marcus Camby manning the middle. I would bring Zach Randolph off the bench as a scoring option for Blake Griffin when the team begins struggling to score. How will Zach Randolph take to that? Who cares! Blake is the future of the franchise and should be given as many minutes as he can physically handle to attempt to turn the franchise around immediately.


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