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Roster Review: JR Giddens

Posted by r1zzo23 on May 25, 2009

JR Smoke

I’m going to do a series of write-ups for all of the Boston Celtics that finished the season as a part of this team, starting from least impactful and working my way up. I think it is easy to say who goes first if that is the case…

JR Giddens, just like the picture, has a clouded past and perhaps a cloudy future in the league. I had already blogged about his college years earlier, so I’ll focus on the here and now… and future.

After being draft at #30 overall in last year’s draft, I’m not sure anyone knew what to expect from the kid this year. He has all the athletic tools to be an effective player in the league. He’s got long arms that could be disruptive on the defensive side of the ball. He’s got a decent jump shot for a shooting guard, but is a great rebounder at the position.

Ultimately, we didn’t see much of JR this season. He only logged seven minutes and 48 seconds of floor time during the regular season and had four points, three rebounds, one steal and one turnover. Obviously, the sample size is far too small to draw and conclusions about his play, but one thing for sure is that Giddens must improve his general basketball IQ. He has alwasy been able to get by on his athleticism alone, but now he has to do a little thinking, and that’s why he can’t get on the floor. This offseason, he really needs to study the defensive rotations as well as bulk up a bit. He needs to stick around with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and have them teach him how to really make it in the NBA.

It would be great if JR Giddens could be ready for ten minutes a game next season. He would relieve Ray Allen and limit his total minutes in the regular season as well as phase out Tony Allen from the rotation. Unfortunately, I don’t expect him to improve enough to carve out consistent time in the rotation. The 2009-2010 season could be another year spent in the Developmental League.


2 Responses to “Roster Review: JR Giddens”

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  2. Spencer McLeod said

    JR I just wanted to say im so proud of u man, its alot of guys that was good in OKC but didnt get the chance to make there dreams come true but u keep on going forward and keep getting better on and off the court always keep GOD 1st and never forget where u came from. Stay up

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