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Garnett Has Successful Knee Surgery

Posted by r1zzo23 on May 26, 2009

KG Scream


BOSTON — Kevin Garnett had surgery Tuesday on his right knee after missing all of the playoffs.

The Boston Celtics defensive star and inspirational leader had bone spurs removed during the arthroscopic surgery.

“I expect Kevin to return to active duty in full force and be that consummate two-way professional that he has shown all of us throughout his fantastic NBA career,” coach Doc Rivers said.

It’s nice to see that this surgery is finally done and was successful. I think everyone fully expects Kevin Garnett to be back at 100% when the season starts in October. What that 100% will be is yet to be seen. I’m sure he will lose just a little bit of his lift on his knee, but not enough to keep him from finishing the beautiful lob passes we’ve seen Rondo throw him game after game.

I hope Garnett the best and hope he has no hinderances in his return to the court this summer. Without him, it was obvious we are no longer a championship team. I’m not saying if you take Rondo or Pierce off the team that we can still win a title, but you lose one of them, especially a premier big man, the Celtics might as well pack it in and play for next season. With only about two or three years left before the window is closed shut on this current team, health will be even more important than ever.


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