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Howard’s 6th Technical Rescinded

Posted by r1zzo23 on May 27, 2009

The NBA announced Wednesday that it has rescinded Howard’s sixth technical foul of the playoffs, which he was given for taunting Anderson Varejao after a layup in the fourth quarter of the Magic’s 116-114 overtime victory Tuesday night. Cleveland‘s forward had draped his arms around Howard in a failed attempt to stop him from scoring.

Howard’s total of technicals for the postseason is thus back down to five. Players receive a one-game suspension after reaching seven technical fouls and further one-game suspensions for every other technical thereafter.

Here’s the video of the technical foul:

How soft has the NBA gotten when what Dwight did last night constitutes a technical foul? So you are no longer allowed to celebrate a big bucket, but every time Anderson Varejao is called for a foul he’s allowed to complain to the ref? I guess this is the NBA we are stuck with. The next video is pretty much what Dwight Howard did, but would NEVER receive a T in the golden age of the NBA…

NBA of the 90’s > NBA of the 2000’s


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