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Deal or No Deal: Ray Allen

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 4, 2009

Ray Allen drive

You have a 34-year old (at the beginning of the season) shooting guard who has 13 years of NBA experience. He’s slowing down and this could be the year where he turns into just a specialist. He’s arguably the best three-point shooter of all time, still hits clutch bucket after clutch bucket, but doesn’t have the ability to take over a game on a consistent basis and is getting paid like it. A player like that, with an expiring contract worth $19.7 million, would almost be immediately shopped around in order to get some sort of return for a championship caliber team looking to keep the window open just a little longer.

But when you find out that the player described above is Ray Allen, a member of the Big Three that brought the Boston Celtics back to the promise land after 20 years of mediocrity, we hesitate to fathom that we would trade him away.

After the deal that brough Kevin Garnett to Boston, it was assumed that Ray Allen would be the #3 option behind the other two. The thought of Ray Allen being the third option on the floor outside of an All-Star game was enough to make Celtics fans giddy. There were games where Ray exploded and lead the team in scoring while there were plenty where he scored his 13-16 points and just played the 3-point specialist role he could easily settle into.

Late this past season, with Kevin Garnett out with a knee injury, it did a toll on Pierce and Allen’s legs and, subsequently, their performances. Going into his 14th NBA season on ankles that have been surgically reconstructed and with yet another season of wear and tear, would it be better for the franchise to deal him in an effort to keep this run going another season or two? If this was NBA 2k9 or fantasy basketball, then it’s probably a decision that takes just the click of a button to make. But since this is reality, it’s a bit more complicated.

Ray Allen forever has a place in our hearts and in Boston Celtics history. Looking at just numbers such as age and salary, the Celtics should pull the trigger on any deal that brings back remotely the same talent with less mileage. But when you bring emotion and human feelings into play, it’s hard to trade such a cog in the Big Green Machine known as the current Boston Celtics. He has done everything the fans and front office could have ever expected and more, and to ship him out would almost be like a slap in the face to Ray.

So what do you think? Should we trade Ray Allen and get something in return for his expiring deal? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum and let his deal ride out and hope to re-sign him to a deal worth a fraction of his price tag this season? Let me know what you think!


10 Responses to “Deal or No Deal: Ray Allen”

  1. Brenda said

    I dont’ think Ray should be traded away – I just started watching basketball a few years back and immediately was drawn to the thing of beauty that is Ray Allen’s jump shot – perfection. I also like the incredible team spirit the Big 3 brough and think it would break the spirit of the team should one of them go.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Dave said

    Yeah trading Ray Allen would not be a good idea. I’m not just saying this because he’s being considered to be traded, but he has been my favorite player in the nba ever since I started watching basketball. He has been there with pp and kg carrying the team and with him gone, it will disrupt the celtics.
    As the purest, and arguably the best shooter who will soon surpass Reggie Miller, he does so much for this great franchise. Ray Allens just the best presence to have on the floor and it would kill me to see him on another team. Give him at least a few more seasons!

  3. r1zzo23 said

    I agree that Ray Allen is a great piece for this team and I don’t want to see him go, but I think he’s got two, maybe three, seasons left in his legs and he’ll become an 8th man-type player. Either way, I hope he re-signs for a discount after this season. Somewhere in the range of two years for $10 million, with a team option for a third season at another $5 million.

  4. fizzo15 said

    Well I think Ray Allen should get traded because even if he has more money doesn’t matter. The fans love him but it’s up to doc rivers because they still got Kevin Garnett, and Paul Perice. People who need to step up is when they think ray will be traded. Like Glen Davis, Rondo, Eddie House they are good but they would be even better if they could step there game averaging as much as Perice. This is when those players need to come in like what they did in the play offs. They play as much for another ring then if they don’t trade ray they should still play because ray is like all of three of them he dunks, shoots threes, gets rebounds, and is a wonder ball handler and it’s afraid of it to take it to the hoop. If Ray gets traded he gonna lose amounts of money he be seeking teams probably lower than his original amount he would have to go to New York Knicks to try to get that money he could or he couldn’t. It also depends if teams want him at this age he is still that amazing player but teams like clippers, wolves, sonics, grizzles, pacers, and Toranto would likely would take him. but that is when Doc Rays agent and his important decsion to see if he would likely get the same amount of money for one of those teams he could do amazing on other teams and help them out but he more rather about the money.

  5. verna hignite said

    I think Ray should remain with the team because I know we can win two more title with Ray. I am a died heart fan of my Boston Celtics you talk atrue fan that is me. Please do not trade any of the big three or Rondo we will be the team to beat. I dont care about the lakers ,because they know if KG was healthier they would not had chance. I Olando had no buisness in the final they played if they scare.Sorry Cleveland you had your chance ,but the Celtics will take the thorn I know the next to years if we stay haelthier.

  6. CelticsLover said

    I dont think they should trade Ray Allen because he is loved by the Celtics fans. What will Celtics be without the The Big Three Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen. He is an outstanding free-throw shooter. Celtics wouldnt be the same without Ray Allen. It would break my heart if he leaves. Ily Ray Allen.

  7. Bruce said

    Ray Allen should definetly not be traded. Ray Allen is a Big Part of the Celtics line up. If they traded ray allen there is no way they would get anyone better for the cetics team. I think the rasheed wallace was an excellent move. I think they should look at some of the other older guys who don’t play alot of minutes.

  8. Jordan said

    Ray allen should not be traded because the entire team’s chemistry will be broken up. You need that three point shot to win the game in the dying seconds, and ray allen is the man for that. Also the fans love him and so does the team, so the Boston Celtics management need to make the right decision. Plus how is it going to be the big three without ray allen, then it would be the big two. Man that sounds weird lol.

  9. Omar Hafeez said

    Ray Allen is my hero on and off the court and when he first came to beantown everyone knew it would be number 17 and Pierce Allen and The Big Ticket for me can NEVER be seen with something other than a green clover the the jersey. These three are like a clock gears they can’t work without the support and movement of the other even though it would be nice to see monta ellis or someone else come into Boston for another championchip run I personnally cannot see that happening without Jesus.

  10. Rose said

    I am so glad Ray AlLen didnt get traded. He is my favorite player in the team. Danny Ainge made a great choice not trading him. He was on fire these past two games. But I am sad Eddie House got traded. He just brought so much energy off the bench hopefully Nate Robinson does the same. Can’t wait to see the gold trophy in June!!! Boston vs. Denver.

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