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Rondo and Ray Trade Talks

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 5, 2009


Rumors that Rajon Rondo was put on the block by the Boston Celtics seemed to be message board fodder and sources say the report is not true.

“Can he be frustrating at times? Absolutely. But no one is ready to give up on him,” a Celtics source said.

“Whoever put the Rondo rumors out there obviously works for someone other than the Celtics.”

The source said that the Celtics may have had some “very minor” conversations about Allen, “but he’s not likely going anywhere, either.”

He concluded, “My guess is some other team talked to (the Celtics), mentioned Ray in passing, and then the other team took it to people throughout the league who accepted it as gospel. That’s how these things get started, and now Danny is going to have to get out there and refute all this stuff that he really had nothing to do with.

“Does the team need some tweaking? Most definitely. But there is no panic around here, and trading Rajon and Ray would be a panic move. That’s why it’s so absurd.”

Nothing I didn’t expect to hear, but Rondo can be frustrating at times? Sure his jumpshot is suspect, but that can only get better. If by “at times” they meant over a three to four possession stretch, then yes, he can be frustrating for a stretch of about two minutes, but I think the only thing he frustrates is opposing offenses and defenses.

As for minor talks about Ray, that has to be expected. He’s got a massive, expiring deal and can still contribute to a team in a huge way. With that said, I truly believe there may not have been a better mix of three future Hall of Famers like Pierce, Garnett and Allen and to trade Ray could be detrimental to the team’s chances of winning another title.


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