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Trading Up for the #2 Pick?

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 9, 2009

If you are a Celtics fan, you’ve obviously heard of the rumor that the Celtics are interested in the #2 pick of this year’s NBA draft. This would make this years’ draft much more interesting for Celtic fanatics as we currently only hold the #58 pick of the draft. Adding the #2 pick of the draft would definitely bring a new face to the team that would (hopefully) contribute right away, but who would we have to give up to get this pick?

The one name that seems to be automatically assumed to be part of any deal for the #2 pick is Rajon Rondo. To Celtics fans, if we are trading Rondo for #2, we’re selecting Ricky Rubio. For a team looking to win titles with the window of opportunity one or two years away from slamming shut, giving away a great (and on the verge of elite) point guard in the league is proposterous. As the league knows, Rondo is a jump shot away from becoming just about unguardable. And to trade him for an unproven commodity at the most important position on the court could be detrimental to the team’s championship aspirations.

Looking at the deal from just a talent standpoint, this is an awful deal for a Boston team that will only be content with winning the NBA title. But when you put your GM hat on and see the fiscal burden Rajon Rondo will undoubtedly bring to the payroll in the 2010-2011 season, maybe moving Rondo will keep the Celtics roster more flexible in the near future. If Rubio is as good as advertised, perhaps he can play some serious minutes right away. He’ll be on the floor with three future Hall of Famers, so that should ease his transition to the NBA game. But one thing he won’t have is the chemistry that Rondo has developed with the entire roster.

Do I really think the Celtics will trade up for the #2 pick in this year’s draft? No, not really. If we do, do I want to see Rondo on the move? Absolutely not. But if Danny thinks that this is the best way to continue to build the franchise, who am I to argue against it? Personally, I think there is a much better chance that Danny grabs a foreign player at #58 that will be a contributor in two years than the Celtics trading for the #2 pick.


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