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Celtic Updates: Eddie, Ainge and Red’s Son

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 14, 2009

House Undecided about Future in Boston:

Eddie House has a $2.86 million player option on his contract for the 2009-10 season.

House has until June 30 to exercise the option to remain with the Celtics, and feels as though he might to be able to make more money elsewhere.

“We haven’t made a final decision,” agent Mark Bartelstein said. “He’d love to stay in Boston. He loves everything about what he has here. The fans have been great to him, and he’s been a big part of the team.

“But I think it’s safe to say that he’s outplayed his contract.”

We saw this with James Posey (another one of Bartelstein’s clients) last season and House could do the same thing. Not sure how many title contenders could really use him, but if one does come with a better offer than what Boston is willing to shell out, then Eddie could be packing his bags.

Ainge Isn’t Worried about Rondo’s Extension:

Celtics president Danny Ainge said recently that a possible contract extension for Rajon Rondo is “not a priority right now.”

Boston has until the end of October to agree on an extension with the point guard, who excelled in the postseason. If no agreement is reached, Rondo will be a restricted free agent in 2010.

“I’m not going to talk about contract extensions right now,” Ainge said. “It’s not a priority right now. We have until the end of October.”

Personally, I think a lot of the trade talks involving the Celtics moving up for a high draft pick or a player like Amare Stoudemire is because people assume that Boston won’t be able to afford to pay Rondo starting next season when he’s going to need a new contract. This could be Ainge’s way of saying we aren’t going to be trading Rondo and he will be here for the future.

Auerbach’s Son: “It’s a Different Record”:

Randy Auerbach believes that his father’s nine championship rings are different than those of Phil Jackson.

“Not to take away from Phil, but it’s a different record,” said Randy Auerbach. “You’re talking about a record with one team in which he won the first one and then won in eight consecutive years. Phil did it with two different teams and it wasn’t consistently. It’s about quantity. If that’s his case, good for him.

“But it has to be broken down. It’s a different record. How do you compare eight in a row, nine in 10 years?”

Jackson will statistically become the most successful coach in NBA history if the Lakers are able to finish off the Magic in this year’s Finals.

“Red probably could have won two or three more championships,” said Jackson. “But I think Bill [Russell], to kind of keep him involved, he turned the team over to Bill in that general manager role and Bill went on to win a couple more championships, playing and coaching at that time. So it’s completely different.

“Of course, free agency wasn’t part of the game. It was eight and then expanded to 10 teams at that time. Maybe it was nine there and then went to 10. So it was a different league entirely.”

Well, that argument could go either way. You could say winning eight straight is unprecedented, but then you could turn around and say winning six in one place and three (most likely going to be four by the end of the week) in another is just as impressive. Either way, both of these coaches are legends in every sense of the word and will go down in NBA history forever.


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