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Late Lottery Picks 7-14

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2009

#8 – Jordan Hill – F, Arizona

Knicks fans booed this pick and that just shows how much they don’t know about the prospects in this draft. Jordan Hill is a great pick at #8 and should thrive under Coach D’Antoni.

#9 -DeMar DeRozan – G/F, USC

DeRozan has perhaps the most upside as anyone in this draft class and is already a great slasher. If he works on his jumper, he could quickly become a very good scorer in the league. I think when it’s all said and done, he’ll be in the top three to five players to come out of this draft.

#10 -Brandon Jennings – G, Lottomatica Roma/Compton, CA

A pick based on pure potential, Jennings is taken because Jonny Flynn is off the board. Milwaukee lacks any sort of flare whatsoever, so hopefully Jennings can give us a reason to watch the Bucks.

#11 -Terrence Williams – F, Louisville

It was said that Williams had a guarantee and looks like Rod Thorn followed up on that guarantee. I love this kids game, but not sure how he will translate in the NBA. With Vince Carter out of the loop, New Jersey is looking for someone to step up and become a scoring option on the wing.

#12 -Gerald Henderson – G, Duke

The Bobcats desperately needed a shooting guard or a big man. At #12, it would have been too much of a reach for Blair, so Charlotte settles for Henderson. This pick has very limited upside, but he did take a huge step forward in this past year at Duke. He’s an athletic freak and should be a nice role player in the league.

#13 -Tyler Hansbrough – F, North Carolina

Perhaps the surprise of the draft, but with the lack of big men in this draft, why not get a guy that you really want? Hansbrough is the hardest worker in the draft and will be a productive big man off the bench. He will have a very long career in the NBA and is a player that any fan should want on their team.

#14 – Earl Clark – F, Louisville

Very athletic forward and should be a great finisher for Steve Nash. There are plenty of questions about Clark’s game as he tends to slack off for games at a time. He doesn’t do anything great, but can do a lot of things well. Should be interesting to see how this pick pans out.


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  1. How can Bird defend against the criticism that he sweats white players?

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