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NBA Draft Tonight!

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 25, 2009

Tonight is probably my favorite night of the year when it comes to NBA basketball: the draft! Now don’t get me wrong, watching the Celtics win post-season games brings me great joy, but I am in love with evaluating prospects, mocking the draft and the trade talks that come with the two-round marathon.

Unfortunately, the Celtics only have one selection in the draft at #58. So those of us looking for a major contributor through the draft should temper their expectations. With that being said, the team would probably be better off if they don’t make a big splash tonight. Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen have been involved in trade rumors, many of which would end up with the Celtics acquiring a lottery pick, and that could easily set back our team from being the league’s elite to the #4 seed in the East. I’m not ready for mediocrity again, so unless there is a deal that blows Danny Ainge away, I hope we don’t make any drastic moves.

What are some moves that I wouldn’t mind seeing? Perhaps packaging Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine and JR Giddens for a veteran player that can be a consistent contributor off the bench. Also, I would be surprised if Danny Ainge doesn’t purchase a late-first or early-second round draft pick to get some action in tonight’s draft.

Whether the Celtics make a move or not is erronneous because there will be plenty excitement tonight around the league. This is perhaps the one draft I can remember where nobody has any concrete idea of where players will end up, making it must watch TV. Of course, I will be watching the draft and blogging when I see fit. So check out the blog periodically throughout the draft and enjoy the night!


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