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Second Half Of Double-Dip: Bobcats @ Celtics

Posted by r1zzo23 on October 28, 2009


After a thrilling opening to the NBA season by taking down the hated Cleveland Cavaliers, the Celtics fly home and will host the pesky Charlotte Bobcats at the TD Bank Garden. Yes, it is opening night and yes the Celtics are favored by ten and a half points, but Charlotte ALWAYS play us tough and are very capable of stealing a win tonight. The Celtics are coming of a big win last night and hopefully can carry that momentum over to this game to start the season 2-0.

Looking at the Celtics offensively, the entire starting five (besides maybe Perk) should have no problem scoring on any of the Bobcats’ starters. Charlotte isn’t a very defensive oriented team besides two players: Raja Bell and Tyson Chandler. Bell is a legit NBA defender and can frustrate even the best offensive players in the league (ex: Bryant, Kobe), but he has got a wrist that isn’t even close to 100% and is putting off surgery, so it’s yet to be seen how he plays with the injury. Chandler, who was brought over from New Orleans for the Bobcats’ first ever draft pick in Emeka Okafor, is a very good shot blocker and definitely will be deterring some shots down low tonight.

On defense, the Celtics will need to keep Gerald Wallace out of the paint. Force him to shoot jumpers all night. If he starts hitting them, more power to him. The same goes for Raymond Felton. If he starts getting to the paint at will, he will be able to dish off to some of their more athletic bigs for easy finishes around the rim. When the Bobcats go with a small back court of Felton and DJ Augustine, we’re going to need Marquis Daniels to guard one of the two point guards because I don’t think Eddie House or Ray Allen will be up to the task.

Keys to the Game:

  • Show Them Who’s Boss: It’s opening night on our home floor. We’re the title contender, they’re the cellar-dweller. Put on a Cleveland-esque run to start the game and keep the pedal to the metal. This team is easily defeated mentally and the game could be won in the first quarter.
  • DEFENNSEEE!!! : Not going to lie, this will be a key to the game every night. The defense looked very good last night and could be even more stifling tonight as the Bobcats don’t have a LeBron James type of player.
  • Play Like A Champion: Nothing frustrates a coach (and us fans) more than watching our team play down to the competition. I know in the middle of the season the team could possibly just go through the motions against a lesser team like Charlotte, but that should not be an option for the home opener.

My prediction is that the Celtics will win this game 102-84. I see Rajon Rondo having a great game, Paul Pierce will continue to do his same 20-point game while the bench will shine once again with Eddie House scoring double-digit points. Bottom line, I just want to see a win regardless of who does what and by how many points. Let’s hope we get out of tonight 2-0 and as healthy as we are now.


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