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About :: Rizzo

What’s up guys? Thought I’d give a little bio about myself. My name is Rizzo and I’m from Revere. I’m going into my senior year at UMass Amherst and majoring in Sports Management. Although Sports Management is what I want to do, I have taken a great interest in sports journalism as of late.

My favorite teams are all over the place, but obviously I’ve got to represent the home town teams: Celtics, Patriots and the Red Sox. The rest of my favorite teams are all over the place. For basketball, I’m also a Los Angeles Lakers fan as well as a Charlotte Bobcats fan. For college basketball, I’m a huge Boston College fan as well as my UMass Minutemen, but then I’m one of the many North Carolina fans.

I played four years of high school basketball at Revere High, playing varsity for my junior and senior seasons. Mainly a three-point shooter, I set the school record for most threes in a half (six) against #4 Sommerville in my first varsity start ever. Since then, I’m relegated to intramurals at UMass and the local courts with my friends.

Hope you guys enjoy this blog and hopefully I’ll keep this consistently updated.


12 Responses to “About :: Rizzo”

  1. Charles Bass said

    Great job on your blog adam…..Im a Bulls fan but I will definally have a interest in the Cs

  2. Rick said


    i completely agree with your “last straw comment” danny ainge is horrible for the franchise. Thus i started an online petition. is the site… im working on building it up.

    would love to put a link to your site… i’ll turn a blind eye to the fact that you’re a lakers fan.

    (Rhode island)

  3. The Thrill said

    Nice stuff Rizzo! Why weren’t you writing this much for the cafe! 😉 Keep it up. Great info here.

  4. mike100915 said

    Hey buddy thanks for putting me as one of your Boston links. I just put you up too. Thanks alot, wish you the best. Hey your blog is awesome!

  5. Nene said

    Good blog sir rizzo. Get to writing some more!

  6. Aurelie said


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    Go Boston Celtics


  7. Daniel said

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  8. Shirly Giagone said


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  9. Hey Rizzo-

    I thought you might be interested in a sneak preview of the new G2 Everyday Athlete Campaign commercial, premiering this Monday with Kevin Garnett, and continuing with pro athletes like Eli Manning, Candace Parker and Kerri Walsh.

    The goal is to celebrate everyday athletes who have turned to sports in order to overcome tough times by pairing them with pros that share the same first name. For example Kevin Garnett is teaming up with Kevin Crowe of Sherman Oaks, Calif., who overcame being laid off twice in one year by turning to swimming. The “Kevins” are the first of several upcoming pairs and as stated, this commercial will premiere this Monday, the 16th.

    I’ve included the exclusive video (click here to see the spot [hyperlink]) and you can find more information on the campaign here: If you have any questions or would like more information, definitely feel free to send me a note or call.

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  10. Jay King said


    I would definitely like to add your link to my website. I’ll do that right now. I just read your website. Very good work. Email me if you ever want to chat about the Celtics or talk about sports in general. My email is

    Jay King of

  11. strotty said


    Glad we could meet up on wordpress! I totally forgot you had this too. I’ll definitely get you on my blogroll and I appreciate you doing the same for me. School has me so busy with everything that I had to stray from the Cafe but I shall be back (took home first in my money league still). Good hearing from you and I am finishing that first rounder today haha.

  12. TJ said

    Rizzo, I am the owner of and we were wondering if you could shoot us a quick email. I have a few things to talk to you about! Thanks and great site!

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