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Rondo, Celtics Agree On Extension

Posted by r1zzo23 on November 2, 2009

Wyc's money has eyes for you, Rondo!

From Marc J. Spears:

The Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo(notes) have reached an agreement in principle on a contract extension, Rondo’s agent, Bill Duffy, said early Monday.

League sources said the extension is for five years and guarantees Rondo at least $55 million. With the two sides facing a Monday deadline to get a deal done, Duffy said he called Celtics president Danny Ainge on Sunday to inform him Rondo was prepared to play out his contract and become a restricted free agent next summer because they weren’t satisfied with the team’s previous offers. Ainge, however, surprised Duffy by responding that Rondo’s contract hopes would be met.

“As much as we were willing to wait his contract out, the Celtics stepped up to the plate to meet the original request,” Duffy said by phone. “This is a really fair contract. We wanted him to be paid like one of the top five point guards around. It also allows the Celtics to maintain continuity to continue to be one of the best teams at this time.”

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t expect that a deal would get done. I thought that Rondo and his agent were dead set on getting a chance at a huge pay day, but looks as if they settle for just a big one. Perhaps they were worried about the economy or the new collective bargaining agreement, but either way, both sides win.

The Boston Celtics lock up their point guard for the present and the future and no longer have any risk of him signing a maximum contract in the off-season. Rajon Rondo now has a long-term contract in place where he will be paid handsomely. With Rondo now locked up, the Celtics need to extend Kendrick Perkins and they will have solidified the two hardest positions to fill in basketball: point guard and center.

The one thing that many Celtic fans are worried about is the “Mark Blount Syndrome”. Now that Rondo has gotten his money, will his game plateau? Will he continue to work as hard as he has been on his game (specifically his jump shot) or will he be satisfied with his current skill set? Personally, I don’t think the veterans on this team will allow him to stop improving. The team’s title chances not only this season, but the next two or three as well, hinge on Rondo pacing the team and getting the playmakers the ball.

With this extension agreed upon and seemingly the Glen Davis situation blown over, it looks as if this team has gotten it’s off-court issues out of the way. Now it is time to continue to play at an extremely high level. Rondo no longer has to think about playing for a contract and perhaps will start being more aggressive on the offensive end knowing he doesn’t have to worry about showing an improvement on his jumper. With four games in five nights starting Tuesday, let’s see if Rondo shows us a little more offensive game over the next week.


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Last Ditch Effort At Rondo Extension

Posted by r1zzo23 on November 1, 2009

Rondo Restricted FA

From Marc Stein:

Although the past few days have been mostly quiet on the contract front for Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo, both sides are expected to connect Sunday for one last attempt to come together on a new deal before Monday’s deadline for contract extensions for members of the 2006 draft class, according to sources close to the process.

It’s very encouraging to see both sides giving each other the time of day to sit and discuss this time and time again, but like I’ve said all along, I don’t see an extension being agreed upon within the next 24 hours. If I am right and there is no extension agreed upon, this will be one hell of a season to sit back and watch Rondo earn his money.

So far this season he is averaging 12.3 assist per game and I honestly think he could challenge for the assists title this season. On top of that, he’s staying active on the glass (5.7 boards per) and hasn’t forced the issue with his own scoring yet. He has, however, shown off a much improved jumper that will allow him to get to the lane easier once he starts knocking it down with any semblance of consistency.

This will be a great season for Rajon Rondo and whether or not he signs an extension now will not hinder his chances of getting his big pay day from the Boston Celtics.

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Deadline for 2006 Extensions… Extended

Posted by r1zzo23 on October 30, 2009

From Marc Stein:

Rajon Rondo and the Boston Celtics have a little bit more time to work toward a contract extension.

The league has pushed the deadline for contract extensions for all players from the 2006 draft class from Saturday to Monday, league spokesman Tim Frank confirmed Thursday night.

NBA front-office sources told that all 30 teams were notified via league memorandum earlier this week that the league’s annual Oct. 31 deadline for players in the fourth year of their rookie-scale contracts, according to the collective-bargaining agreement, is moved to the next available business day if the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday.

Well that’s a nice little rule to have for these GMs that have failed to extend their possible future franchise players. With that said, I’m not sure how much this will help the situation between the Celtics and Rondo. I’m pretty certain that a deal will not get done, but I have been known to be wrong (hard to believe, I know). I guess we can keep our fingers crossed that this deal gets done, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it.

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Chance At Rondo Extension After All?

Posted by r1zzo23 on October 28, 2009

From Marc J. Spears:

Contract talks between Rajon Rondo(notes) and the Boston Celtics were revived from the dead Tuesday.

Agent Bill Duffy said Celtics president Danny Ainge restarted talks by expressing a willingness to improve a possible offer to Rondo during a meeting at halftime of Boston’s 95-89 win in Cleveland on Tuesday. On Monday, Duffy told Yahoo! Sports that Rondo would not sign a contract extension with the Celtics and would become a restricted free agent next summer. The deadline for a possible extension is Saturday.

“Our position was firm, but Danny Ainge reached out and said they were willing to move,” Duffy told Yahoo! Sports in a phone interview. “Our mind was made up on this. But he said, ‘Let’s try to talk again, let us put some stuff together and talk [Wednesday].’ ”

Some may think that this is very surprising, but seeing that the two sides weren’t all that far away, in my opinion, from reaching an agreement in the first place (dollars wise), it doesn’t surprise me that Ainge would like to sit down and make a counter to his own offer. How do I think this one will end? Just like it has been all summer and pre-season, there will not be an extension in place for Rondo by the time Halloween rolls around. I’m not worried about it either because I know deep down that the Celtics want Rondo back and will match (almost) any deal that he receives on the open market.

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Glen Davis Has Successful Surgery, Out At Least Six Weeks

Posted by r1zzo23 on October 27, 2009

Glen Davis SurgeryFrom John Beattie:

Following a weekend fight with a former high school basketball teammate that left Celtics forward Glen Davis with a broken thumb, the Celtics announced Tuesday that Davis underwent successful surgery and will likely miss the next six weeks of action.

As every Celtic fan craves details on this story, it remains to be cloudy as ever and we may never know exactly what happened between Glen Davis and his “friend”. All that is known now is that he won’t be contributing to this team for close to two months. He’ll be out at least six weeks due to the injury and Celtics’ owner Wyc Grousbeck has already said he will be suspended once he returns. This is very sad as he was going to bolster a bench that would be tops in the league. With Davis out now and Scalabrine already sidelined, this means that new addition Shelden Williams will have to step in and give some meaningful minutes right away.

There were said to be some problems with Glen Davis (if you haven’t noticed, I’m trying not to call him Big Baby any more) last season and perhaps that was a major reason why he didn’t get nearly the contract he was expecting. After something like this, it makes the league’s GMs look that much more smart for not throwing money at him for having a good postseason.

This is a sad story and is taking up way too many headlines for my liking on opening night, especially when we are playing our rival Cavaliers. This injury will sting, but I’m ready to forget Davis as a part of this team until he is back and contributing for this team. If he wanted to prove that he deserved the bigger contract, he would have improved his game (yet to be seen) and have been more professional and concerned with the situations he put himself in off the court.

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Rondo Boosts 2010 Free Agent Class

Posted by r1zzo23 on October 27, 2009

Rondo Restricted FA

From Marc J. Spears:

Rajon Rondo(notes) will not sign a contract extension with the Boston Celtics, allowing him to join next summer’s heralded free-agent class, the player’s agent told Yahoo! Sports late Monday.

Rondo and the Celtics have until Saturday to negotiate an extension, but his agent, Bill Duffy, said the point guard has already made a decision to become a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Duffy said he has had recent talks with the Celtics about Rondo, but the negotiations never progressed enough to lead him to believe the sides were close to a deal. Celtics president Danny Ainge couldn’t be reached for comment.

“We’re not going to do an extension right now,” Duffy said. “The conversation has been cordial. We’ve been talking the last couple of weeks. There is a difference between the perception of him in their eyes and our eyes. With that being said, the focus is on Rajon to have a fantastic season and concentrate on winning a championship.”

I really can’t say that I was at all hopeful that we would sign Rondo to an extension before the deadline, so this doesn’t surprise me much. Would it have been great to have him locked up for this season and the next five as well? Of course it would have. Would that mean that we would have had to overpay for him? Perhaps, but top-flight point guards are going to cost money and Rondo has got all the skills to be elite at his position.

The report goes on to say that the Celtics had offered Rondo and his camp a five year, $45 million extension. Rondo’s agent was looking for something in the area of five years, $55-$60 million instead. Personally, I would give him $55 million for five years, but it’s not my checkbook being opened. Without an extension being agreed upon, Rajon Rondo will become a restricted free agent and able to seek any contract he would like. Even though it hurts for the Celtics not able to get a deal done, they still hold all the cards as they can match any offer he accepts. If the Celtics want Rondo to be a part of this team after this season, he will be here.

Looking at other players that have received extensions from Rondo’s same draft class, Brandon Roy received a five year, $80 million extension while his teammate, LaMarcus Aldridge, got a five year, $65 million extension. Rondo isn’t exactly on Roy’s level and Aldridge is a very good player, but his salary is inflated due to his height. I think that Rondo’s floor is going to be the five year, $55 million deal that I mentioned earlier. I see him making great strides in his jump-shooting this season and becoming an even better floor general for this team.

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Celtic Updates: Eddie, Ainge and Red’s Son

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 14, 2009

House Undecided about Future in Boston:

Eddie House has a $2.86 million player option on his contract for the 2009-10 season.

House has until June 30 to exercise the option to remain with the Celtics, and feels as though he might to be able to make more money elsewhere.

“We haven’t made a final decision,” agent Mark Bartelstein said. “He’d love to stay in Boston. He loves everything about what he has here. The fans have been great to him, and he’s been a big part of the team.

“But I think it’s safe to say that he’s outplayed his contract.”

We saw this with James Posey (another one of Bartelstein’s clients) last season and House could do the same thing. Not sure how many title contenders could really use him, but if one does come with a better offer than what Boston is willing to shell out, then Eddie could be packing his bags.

Ainge Isn’t Worried about Rondo’s Extension:

Celtics president Danny Ainge said recently that a possible contract extension for Rajon Rondo is “not a priority right now.”

Boston has until the end of October to agree on an extension with the point guard, who excelled in the postseason. If no agreement is reached, Rondo will be a restricted free agent in 2010.

“I’m not going to talk about contract extensions right now,” Ainge said. “It’s not a priority right now. We have until the end of October.”

Personally, I think a lot of the trade talks involving the Celtics moving up for a high draft pick or a player like Amare Stoudemire is because people assume that Boston won’t be able to afford to pay Rondo starting next season when he’s going to need a new contract. This could be Ainge’s way of saying we aren’t going to be trading Rondo and he will be here for the future.

Auerbach’s Son: “It’s a Different Record”:

Randy Auerbach believes that his father’s nine championship rings are different than those of Phil Jackson.

“Not to take away from Phil, but it’s a different record,” said Randy Auerbach. “You’re talking about a record with one team in which he won the first one and then won in eight consecutive years. Phil did it with two different teams and it wasn’t consistently. It’s about quantity. If that’s his case, good for him.

“But it has to be broken down. It’s a different record. How do you compare eight in a row, nine in 10 years?”

Jackson will statistically become the most successful coach in NBA history if the Lakers are able to finish off the Magic in this year’s Finals.

“Red probably could have won two or three more championships,” said Jackson. “But I think Bill [Russell], to kind of keep him involved, he turned the team over to Bill in that general manager role and Bill went on to win a couple more championships, playing and coaching at that time. So it’s completely different.

“Of course, free agency wasn’t part of the game. It was eight and then expanded to 10 teams at that time. Maybe it was nine there and then went to 10. So it was a different league entirely.”

Well, that argument could go either way. You could say winning eight straight is unprecedented, but then you could turn around and say winning six in one place and three (most likely going to be four by the end of the week) in another is just as impressive. Either way, both of these coaches are legends in every sense of the word and will go down in NBA history forever.

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Thibodeau Staying in Boston

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 10, 2009


Celtics coach Doc Rivers said that assistant Tom Thibodeau withdrew from consideration from the head coaching job with the Sacramento Kings.

Thibodeau, who also interviewed for the Philadelphia 76ers job, is expected to rejoin the Celtics bench next season.

I love the fact that he will be back for at least one more season. Personally, I think he deserves a head coaching position in the worst way, but other franchises continue to pass him over. Their loss, our gain. Now let’s go get title #18 next season!

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Tony Allen Has Successful Surgery

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 3, 2009


The Boston Celtics announced Wednesday that guard Tony Allen underwent successful arthroscopic right ankle surgery and posterior tibial tendon repair at the New England Baptist Hospital.

Surgery was performed by Team Physician Dr. Brian McKeon and assisted by Dr. Mark Slovenkai and Jason Rand, PAC. Full recovery is expected with return by training camp this fall.

Great to see everything went well for Tony, but I’d personally like to see his bags packed with Scalabrine in order to bring in a good bench player that will contribute consistently all season and help bring the title back to Boston. Tony Allen has had some great moments in Boston, but his inconsistency and awful decision making has only held his career back and it is time to get him out.

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KG is Excited!

Posted by r1zzo23 on June 3, 2009


Wyc: “I saw KG this morning, he’s feeling great and he’s the most fired up he’s ever been. For KG, that’s saying something.”

If this doesn’t make you want next season to start tomorrow, then I don’t know what would. Granted, the off-season is always a lot of fun with the draft, free agency and the summer league, but nothing is the same as the playoffs and with Kevin Garnett back and healthy, the Celtics are still the best team in the East.

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